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Arte Glideria Ice Cream Parlor – Tel Aviv

Arte Glideria Ice Cream Parlor makes Italian style ice cream made of high-quality natural ingredients. The ice cream was opened by an Italian couple who moved to Israel three years ago. Arte’s ice cream is one of the best found in Israel! 
Arte Glideria Ice Cream Parlor – Tel Aviv

Arte’s ice cream serves a large number of unique flavors, all excellent. Belgian chocolate, chocolate praline, pistachio, Tiramisu, almonds, and also some Italian flavors such as Stracciatella that is less familiar in Israel. Their Arte Cake flavor won a prize at the Italian Ice Cream Festival 2014. It tastes a little bit like cheese cake. What do I recommend? Everything, well, I wasn’t so fond of the Avocado ice cream.

Arte is a small, family-owned business. Cici and her husband Marco fell in love with the ice cream art and learnt to make ice cream at the Gelato Naturale Academy. They came to Israel and opened Arte Glideria at Nahlat Binyamin Street in Tel Aviv, where they also make the ice cream.

Arte’s ice cream is natural. They also make vegan and gluten free ice cream. Natural because it is made of natural, fresh ingredients without preservatives, stabilizers, or artificial colors. There is a chart showing the content of each flavor in terms of milk, gluten, nuts, and if it is vegan. They look for the best ingredients and fresh produce in the markets – nuts, fruits, etc. other ingredients they import (such as Callibout Belgian Chocolate). The cream is whole and fresh, and so are the rest of the ingredients. You will notice that the ice cream does not have bold shiny colors. For example, the pistachio ice cream has light green-brown color. They roast and grind the fresh pistachio and don’t add artificial colors and therefore the pistachio ice cream is rather pale. It tastes like heaven – who needs more than that? They also serve here flavored Granitas, Belgian waffle and coffee.

If you look inside the ice cream shop, behind the inside seating area, you’ll see Arte’s little ice cream factory. It has glass windows. During the morning hours you can see how they make the ice cream.

Arte is more than an ice cream shop; it is a place for the community to meet. Neighbors and amateur artists meet here to make art together. Their art, including Marco's art (he is an artist himself) is exhibited on the walls, where they also give space for local artists to present their work. There are also free concerts, as Arte gives a stage to musicians. Check
Art of Ice Cream

Drawing together

Information: Arte Glideria, 11 Nahlat Binyamin, Tel Aviv,
Phone: 055-895-4868

Open daily in the summer between 11am-11pm.

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