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Tarantino Italian Restaurant at Yes Planet Rishon LeZion

Tarantino Italian Restaurant at Yes Planet Rishon Lezion serves authentic Italian food in a cheerful pleasant atmosphere "Happy Italian Food". On the lake with a pastoral view, excellent pastas and pizzas are served here. A joy in every bite!
Tarantino at Yes Planet Rishon LeZion – Happy Italian Food

We arrived to Tarantino with two hungry teens. The menu here is purely Italian, but with some banal options such as Schnizel, steak, fish, and seafood. I heard that breakfast here is very good as well.
The décor at Tarantino is young and cheerful. They refurbished it a little while ago. Seating is in two levels, and there is also an outdoor balcony overlooking the beautiful view of the lake.
We ordered a few dishes to the center of the table.


We started with Minestrone soup that my husband took. It was served with soft Italian bread with a crust. The soup was rich with tastes and well seasoned. Very good! My son ended up eating most of it. We did not take any more starters because we ordered a lot of food, but there are some interesting dishes such as Arnachini, chicken liver spread, Focaccias…next time….


The pizzas here are think and crusty, like they do them in Italy. The ingredients are of high quality – good flour (the durum flour is felt at the edges of the pizzas), original mozzarella, and the toppings are fresh. The accurate baking gives the last touch – they use the most modern oven, I heard it cost them around NIS 100,000! No wonder pizza is one of the popular dishes here.
We tried two pizzas. We, the girls, ordered one of the specials with mushrooms and truffle aroma and the boys ordered Bolognese pizza.

Bolognese Pizza – with Bolognese and tomatoes with Mozzarella and Parmesan.
An interesting combination of Bolognese and pizza that my son, who wouldn’t give up his daily share of beef but also wanted pizza. The dough was very crunchy – well prepared, the Bolognese was exactly the way we like it, not too spicy, and the cheeses tasty. Although this pizza is not exactly what I dream of (well, I am not the one who ordered it) I was surprised by the good combination of tastes. The boys devoured it!

Mushroom Pizza with a touch of Truffle
This pizza is sooo yummy, to die for! The dough here was also accurately made. The richness of the mushroom flavor with the seasoning was divine! Plenty of mushrooms of a number of types with a smell and taste of porcini and truffle! On top of it, fresh herbs such as basil and oregano made it a delicacy!


Pastas here are fresh and well made, portions are large, and the sauces are rich!
Gnocchi with Cream with Mushroom Sauce
A nice dish with a lot of gnocchi with plenty of mushrooms and a presence of coarsely ground black pepper. The Gnocchi is soft and practically melts in the mouth! Very tasty!

Here’s another photo that shows the generous amount of mushrooms in the sauce.

Cheese Ravioli with Rose Sauce
A plate loaded with ravioli swimming in pink sauce with whole tomatoes. The sauce was well balanced and I loved the whole tomatoes in it of the type that is imported from Italy – the sweetest tomatoes in the world! A really good dish!


Nemesis – rich chocolate cake with a ball of vanilla ice cream.
The cake was quite big (I think that it isn’t as visible in the photo). It was served with walnuts. It took seconds for the cake and the ice cream to disappear (I mentioned two teens earlier) leaving the walnuts. Yet, I was able to taste the leftovers – very rich!

In summary, even if you are not in the neighborhood, it is worth coming especially – parking is free and the food is so good! Don’t miss the mushroom truffle pizza!
Tarantino, Yes Planet, 4 Hameah Veesrim, Rishon Lezion.
Disclosure: I was a guest of the restaurant.

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