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Angus Steakhouse – Quality Inexpensive Meat Restaurant

Angus Steakhouse serves quality Angus meat “straight from the field”, the portions are large the meat soft and the prices are small. If you are looking for a great Angus meal – this is the place for you! There are branches in Tel Aviv, Carmiel, Migdal and Ein Hamifratz.
Angus Steakhouse – Quality Inexpensive Meat Restaurant
Pepper Steak

Angus Steakhouse is owned by the Dabah Family who has been raising cattle for over sixty years in the Galilee Mountains. The family opened a small butchery in Carmiel (Deir Al-Asad) that turned into a small chain of supermarkets, butchery and now also Angus restaurants. Angus has a number of branches in Israel, in Carmiel (Deir Al-Asad), Migdal, Tel Aviv and Ein Hamifratz.
I read a number of reviews about the restaurant; they were all too good to be true. This is why I was so keen to try Angus’ meat, and I now join those who praise it.
We came to Angus in Tel Aviv on a Thursday noon. Angus is divided into three areas. On the front of the building you will find Angusry for faster meals and butchery, and in the back – Angus Steakhouse Restaurant.  
Angus has plenty of seats indoors and outdoors and some near the bar. The restaurant was very busy. The décor is up-to-date but has some retro style.
Angus Steakhouse Tel Aviv
The waitress was nice and had a lot of relevant knowledge – types of meat, what’s soft, and how it is best to serve it. The menu is divided into starters and types of meat – beef, lamb, and poultry and by types of dish – steaks, hamburgers, etc. There is also a salad for those who prefer something lighter and for the vegans. There are lunch deals as well.


We started with the House bread, cauliflower and eggplant.

House Bread

The House bread arrived first. Warm, covered with a layer of Durum that gave it a gentle crunch and soft inside. With it, 3 dips were served – smoked tahini, tomato salsa and seasoned butter. The dips are very unusual, not the common dips you get with the bread, and were good. My partner loved the salsa and smoked tahini and I got hooked on the seasoned butter that contained herbs and some chili that turned it red and spicy. I couldn’t stop eating the bread with it, which is not typical of me.
House Bread - unusual dips

Cauliflower in Santa Fe pepper sauce and sour cream

Cauliflower chunks made Al Dante in yellow marinade, I felt curry and curcumin in it, but it was very gentle. On top of it there were parsley and chips of Parmesan cheese. It was served with diluted sour cream that balanced the flavors. I prefer a thicker sour cream. At any rate, we enjoyed the tasty cauliflower a lot and finished it. This dish is dairy.

Hunter’s Eggplant with herbs, chopped meat and Tahini

A small roasted eggplant served whole on a flat plate, covered with ground beef, pine nut and sprinkled with white Tahini (the latter wasn’t felt much). This is a very tasty dish! I felt that the eggplant was a bit think below the meat, but the overall quantity was just right for a starter. A very good starter, seasoned but not spicy.
Hunter's Eggplant

Main Courses

We both like beef filet, so we ordered a fillet steak and a pepper steak. We picked fries, and home fries for sides. The steaks are relatively large portions – 250 grams each.

Pepper Steak 250g – 250g beef filet steak in creamy pepper sauce

Three seared rounds of beef, served on a hot skillet on top of a pepper cream sauce with whole roasted peppers. We were taken by surprise with this dish, as we expected the classic pepper sauce with Allspice and not fresh peppers sauce. The meat was ordered medium – gentle, soft and juicy. The sauce was a little spicy – so this is the dish for those who like spicier food!

Pepper Steak

Beef Filet - A tender, delicate cut from the tenderloin of the calf

Two rounds of seared Angus beef filet served with roasted tomato and onion, beef marrow on bone and a small cabbage salad. I asked for a little bit of mushroom-cream sauce (from the stroganoff on the menu) which was excellent. I ordered the meat medium-well, one round (the thick) was perfect- soft, and to die for! I loved every bite! The second was a little thinner so a little more done and less juicy but still soft and tasty. The marrow was a real treat! There aren’t many restaurants in Israel that make the meat perfectly the way I love it – tasty and so juicy!
Beef Filet


The fries here a bit different here, with a twist – steak chips seasoned with paprika and chili (that’s what it feels like) – it makes it a bit spicy but very yummy!
Spicy Fries

Home Fries

Medium sided potatoes in yellow seasoning (somewhat similar to the cauliflower’s seasoning) with onions and parsley. Wow this is so yummy. I couldn’t stop eating it.
Home Fries

Dessert and Drinks

We picked two desserts that are made here by Angus – Caramel Budino and Malabi. They also make Knafeh (and I heard very good one) but we were too full for it.

Malabi Angus

A very good choice of dessert after a full meal. A large quantity of Malabi that was made without much gelatin and no artificial colors (it isn’t red at all) served with coconut chips. The taste of the roses is strongly felt.

Caramel Budino

A small sized dessert, very sweet. The caramel is strongly felt, covered with crushed fresh pistachio. Tasty.
Caramel Budino
Angus serves a large variety of beers, wines and cocktails. We preferred not to have too much alcohol for lunch, so we shared a glass of red wine. We picked Shoresh 2014 from the Israeli Tzora winery. An excellent aged red blend.
In summary, Angus serves high quality tasty meat, well made and inexpensive. I highly recommend it!


Angus Steakhouse, Tal Aviv and outside
Price range: Hamburger (230gr, including side!) 48-52 NIS, main courses 45-149 NIS, dessert 19-43 NIS, lunch deals from 66 NIS.

Disclosure: I was a guest of the restaurant

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