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Indoors Skydiving in Slovakia

Dreaming to fly? to free fall? you can do that at Hurricane Factory Tatralandia, which is an indoors skydiving tunnel. With the help of a special suite one can control the wind resistence and do aerial acrobatics! the attraction is located in Liptov region (low Tetra) near the Tatralandia water park in Slovakia.
Indoors Skydiving in Slovakia
Indoors Skydiving in Slovakia

 Most of the flyers were youth (and I’ll tell this from the perspective of a parent) one starts with wearing a special suite.

Then, the group of flyers go into the training room where they get instructions and watch an instructional video.

Then, they go to a waiting room where the group sits in a row and the instructor invites them one by one. There’s a timer that takes the flight time and the operator adjusts the wind speed according to the weight of the flyer.

The instructor enters the flyer and let him fly and control the flight while watching and helping.

And he also does a mutual flight in which he controls them as a pair so that the child feels the potential in the device. The parents are waiting in front of the transparent device….and take pictures/videotape. This is quite an experience! that’s how it looks.

Some logistics:
The flight itself is 2 minutes only! but getting dressed, ready, etc. takes an hour or tow.
Make an appointment early. When got there thining we’ll get in and there were only 2 slots available for the children for the day after(!) only! it is very busy there.
The wind tunnel is very noisy so make sure you wear earpluggs (provided).
Don’t worry if the children don’t speak English well, translate the instructions and inside they don’t speak anyway because of the noise (they do signs).
The flight is expensive. If you go to Tatralandia, keep the tickets, they might give you discounts. Also, children price is much less than adult.
The Website of Hurricane: Hurricane Factory – Indoor skydiving
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