Saturday, September 19, 2015

Tarzania Rope Park Slovakia

Tarzania Rope Park in Slovakia will let you be monkeys for an hour. The challenging rope park is a great attraction for the whole family that includes climbing and zip-wire on the wood between the trees.
Tarzania Rope Park Slovakia
Tarzania Rope Park Slovakia

After registration, the staff will dress you up with the equipment. The park has different areas for the big and the little ones. 
There is a short session of instructions. The climbers are secured with a harness with two security connectors, one will always be fasten. When one needs to move from a rope to a rope, he will disconnect on connector and move it to the next rope, and only after it is securely fasten, he will move the other one. It takes a little while to get this, but it is done quite quickly after getting adjusted to it. We always visit at least one rope park in every trip to Europe, my children are ‘hooked’…

After the instruction session, they climb on the trees. It is quite high.

And there are many obstacles and challenges.

Sometimes it helps to be a gymnast…

The trail takes around 2 hours. Here’s a sample of one of the challeges.

We love the zip-wires. If you too, I highly recommend the path in the Black Forest in Germany, they have  a trail packed with zip-wires!!! in Austria there’s a huge park with a very long zip-wire crossing the valley.

A word of caution. don’t send your kids alone, especially when their height is borderline. My son got stuck at some point and the rope was strapped around his throat. My husband, who was up on the trees with them rushed and helped him, but it was quite scary!
While my gang was climbint (I had enough of climbing in Holland and Germany), I took a walk. The area is full of flowers and mushrooms.

I also roamed around the are to see what’s around. I ran away to the nearby hotel when it started raining.

Tarzania’s website is in Slovakian, you’ll need Google Translate to read it. If you have a Liptov card (ask for one at the hotel) you might get some discount (also look for coupons at the hotels and other attractions). We were at the Tarzania park at Jasna. It is located after the Cave of Liberty right on Ostredok hotel. On the left of the road there’s a small lake with attractions for the little ones. The lake can keep smaller siblings busy, and you can have coffee or a light meal at the hotel – it is beautiful!

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