Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Link Bistro Bar Jerusalem

Link Bistro Bar Jerusalem is located in an old nostalgic building with a sunny yard. The restaurant’s menu is very versatile with original tasty Mediterranean food. During the days it is a place for the whole family and in the evening, a location for the Jerusalem bohemia with happy nights on the bar.
The spacious yard is popular in sunny winter days and cool summer nights. Seating is around mosaic tables, and there is also heating and sunshades as needed. 
Link Bistro Bar Jerusalem

Another area is the greenhouse, where there’s plenty of light and it’s nice and warm. 

The indoor seating area is romantic and nostalgic. The décor includes wooden design with vintage items such as an old gramophone, old photographs of Jerusalem, etc.

The bar also has the same décor, very warm with a lot of wood.

Link Bistro’s menu is quite versatile, including vegan dishes, fish, poultry and beef. The menu includes breakfast, starters, salads, soups, entrees, including such that the younger visitors would appreciate (such as hamburgers and fried chicken tenders), pasta and dessert. There’s something for everyone here. And the dishes are all prepared with a lot of attention to create a variety of flavors that is interesting and unique.
We arrived to the Link bistro bar Jerusalem on a sunny Saturday and sat in the yard. Here are the dishes that we had.
Onion Soup –onion soup with cheese-crusted croutons. The soup is very tasty, a pinch of white wine is evident, not too thick and the croutons are really good!

Chicken Liver Pate – a generous amount of Jewish chicken liver pate, made just like my grandmother used to make it. Served with toasts.

Ceviche – a colorful plate seabass in lemon juice, in a mosaic of cream of eggplant and cream of avocado, decorated with cherry tomatoes, small radish, hot pepper and watercress served with toasts. This dish is dreamy! Pure pleasure – don’t miss it!

Main Courses
Salmon in Orange Butter – a nice portion of Norwegian Samon, perfectly made in sweet orange sauce. Served with oven-made vegetables – sweet potato, zucchini, and white onion.

Entrecote Steak –  a T-Bone steak made to order, serve with arugula and garlic dip. It is served with a side, we chose home fries, small potatoes with a lot of paprika. The steak was ordered medium and it was done exactly as ordered. The dip is superb, reminded us of pesto but with a new taste. 

Pistachio and White Chocolate Mousse  A triangle shaped cake of greenish pistachio mousse and white chocolate. Served with almond chips and caramel sauce. The mousse is very light and had an excellent texture. Very unique taste and very sweet, this is the type of mousse I don’t think I will make at home and it is a pleasure to have something like this when I go out to eat. 
Banana Crumble – a warm dessert of bananas with a crunchy layer, served with a ball of vanilla ice cream. A tasty very-sweet dessert that we enjoyed eating. 

The restaurant has a large selection of drinks, including soft drinks and freshly squeezed juices (I had apple juice), a selection of beers and alcoholic beverages.  In the evening the place turns to a bohemian pub and the alcohol takes a more substantial part.
The prices at the Link Bistro Bar are around 40-50 nis for starters, 50-120 nis for main courses and pasta dishes, and there are lunch offers.
I enjoyed the meal at the Link Bistro Bar very much. I find it really nice to try new dressings, sauces, and flavors. And in this case, at the Link was able to surprise me with something new in each course.
Disclosure: I was a guest of the restaurant
Information: Link Bistro Bar Jerusalem, Hamaalot 3 Jerusalem, not kosher

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