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Home Made – Tasty Healthy Restaurant

Home Made restaurant is a pleasant restaurant with home style food, tasty and healthy. It is pleasant to sit there and enjoy the endless selection of tasty dishes full of color and flavors with many vegetarians, vegan, and gluten free options.
Home Made – Tasty Healthy Restaurant
In the center of Montefiore neighborhood, a few blocks from Azrieli mall and Sarona, a small restaurant named “Home Made” serves tasty healthy food – it’s a great alternative to fast food or high scale restaurants in this area. The neighborhood is an authentic and is comprised of a mix of residential and offices, in very calm settings. The restaurants provides reasonably priced, daily-changing, fresh dishes. It is self-service and also caters for take-out.
The Naziv street, where the restaurant is located, the traffic is relatively quiet and it is comfortable to site outdoors or indoors.
The restaurant, Home Made, is modernly yet pleasantly, designed. There are seating areas inside as well.
The center of the restaurant is the buffet, where pots are lined in rows filled with dozens of dishes in different colors and flavors. The variety includes: meat, poultry, vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, and even some Asian dishes. Everyone will find something here to his or her taste. The main theme is that the food is healthy – many legumes, grains, vegetables and herbs – nothing is fried here!
Among the many main dishes here one can find: filled peppers with mean or vegan, chicken patties, dairy lasagna, fish, goulash, and a variety of additions: mashed potatoes, majadra (rice with lentils), oven-baked vegetables, cauliflower, and many more. Here’s a small peek at the main dishes buffet.
Also around the salads the variety is huge, with vegetable salads, lettuce, cabbage, quinoa, beet, lentils, and more. The dishes are very esthetically served, for example, have a look at the delicious sweet-potato ‘boats’ filled with quinoa salad in the below photograph.
We had a tasting meal, in which we tried a large selection of the food served at Home Made. Whatever we tried was delicious. The overall feeling was of homemade food that is full of herbs and is not too spicy (although some dishes are spicy and there’s also hot pepper dip). The meat-stuffed pepper was green from herbs and the lasagna was not too ‘heavy’. The patties (mix of chicken and beef) were very tasty, although somewhat salty (unlike the rest of the food), but this was balanced with the rest of the food such as the mashed potatoes because most of the food was quite mild in this respect. The salad had plenty of flavors; each salad had a different taste. The quinoa with mint, Asian salad, lemon in the beet, etc. a large selection that can fit any whim.
The meal was accompanied with fresh breads and dips (spicy green pepper and Tahini), and included gluten-free polenta bread.
After the meal, we had dessert and Ginseng tea that was served authentic pot. The desserts we tasted included a huge Granola cookie (dairy), Vegan cinnamon cupcake (excellent! also for non-vegan), rich chocolate cake, and a gluten-free vegan bounty (very tasty).
The restaurant is not kosher and serves both meat and dairy food, but not in the same pot.
In summary, I highly recommend Home Made for anyone looking for tasty pleasant, healthy food full of flavors and not expensive.
Info: Home Made, 18 Hanaziv st. Tel Aviv. Open 8-18, eat in or take out
Disclosure: I was a guest of the restaurant.

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