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Marinado Steakhouse at Ein Gev (Sea of Galilee)

Marinado Steakhouse at the Sea of Galilee is an excellent meat restaurant that serves juicy steaks, hamburgers and a variety of meats straight from the farm at the Golan Heights. The Steakhouse is located just off Ein-Gev junction is housed in a gourmet shop that has everything for your trip culinary needs!
Marinado Steakhouse at Ein Gev (Sea of Galilee)

We landed at Marinado Steakhouse two adults and two hungry teens straight from Spa Village at Hamat Gader. The Steakhouse’s location is conveniently located on the Eastern part of the Sea of Galilee, a few miles from the Sothern part of the Sea of Galilee (Kineret) and near the Southern Golan Heights. Marinado’s store is packed with everything you need for your trip, from meat to wine and cooking utensils.

The restaurant is conveniently decorated and has a lot of light and also includes booths for families.

For starters, we ate lamb Assado snacks, Chicken Liver Pate, and tricolor eggplant:
Lamb Assado Snacks – thin slices of grilled lamb Assado – a nice portion of Assado, very soft but needs to be eaten immediately to enjoy the softness and flavor.

Chicken Liver Pate – contains yellow butter (not kosher), served with onion marmalade, a small salad and toasts. Very good paten, soft, but not too much, and balanced taste. The dressing of the salad was excellent and was eaten immediately. The toasts were warm and crunchy and the children ate them without the pate.

Tricolor Eggplant – three small grilled eggplant piles served on three different flavors of Tahini pastes – white (natural), green (parsley), and purple (beetroot). Marinado has reputation of original colorful serving of eggplant and the result is beautiful as well. Perfect dish for vegans! I especially like beetroot and make beetroot Tahini at home. The eggplant dish is served with warm Moroccan Ferna bread – soft with a crust.

Main courses
For main courses, we ate 2 hamburgers and 2 Fillet steaks.
Hamburger – 220 grams of hamburger, made to order, served in soft Moroccan Ferna bread (no crust though, with sesame). The youth ordered this and loved it! They said the hamburger was especially soft and juicy and the bun was perfect!

Fillet Steak – 220 grams of soft-pink Fillet, made to order and served with Chimuchurri sauce. The stake is served on a hot skillet and a regular plate is provided. This steak is a treat! Soft, melts in your month and with heavenly taste, one of the best steaks I ever tasted! We ate it with sauces – I ate with an excellent red wine sauce and my partner had cream peppercorn sauce.

With the Fillet, we ate potatoes (oven baked, with spices), mashed potatoes, and fries. In the photo below are the steak sauces (bottom right).
For dessert, we had warm chocolate cake, Malabi, and Crème Brulee.
Warm Chocolate Cake – a very rich yet light chocolate cake covered with warm chocolate sauce and served with vanilla ice cream. The teens finished it within seconds – very good cake!

Malabi – vanilla pudding covered with rose syrup and pistachio. Very good dessert!

Crème Brulee – a very tasty vanilla Crème Brulee. The vanilla layer was soft and delicious; the sugar layer was perfectly made – crisp, breaks easily, not too thick and not burnt!

With the food we had lemonade, water, and beer, and espresso and tea with fresh mint with dessert.
Service was excellent, upon arrival a bottle of cool water landed on our table. Everything we needed was brought before we even had the chance to ask for it – dressing, napkins, toothpicks, etc. The food serving was well-timed and the waitresses efficient and friendly.
The menu is quite extensive, while focused on meat (lamb and beef) there are courses of chicken, salads (for vegans) and child meals.
In summary, the prices at Marinado Steakhouse are not cheap, but it is well worth it – the meat is to die for! I highly recommend to take advantage of the lunch offer (Sun-Wed 12-17) that makes it an excellent deal! At any rate, at Marinado Steakhouse you’ll enjoy every bite and have an excellent meal that will upgrade any trip!
Information: Marinado Steakhouse (Hebrew), Ein Gev Junction, Sea of Galilee
Discourse: I was a guest of the restuarant

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