Sunday, August 6, 2017

Lake TLV - Water Ski and Wakeboarding center

Lake TLV is a cable water ski and wakeboarding center in Tel Aviv. It is located in East-South Tel Aviv at Menachem Begin park (“Park Darom”) and is open year round. Water skiing is easy to learn and is suitable for children and adults, and a good attraction that will keep the teens engaged.
Lake TLV - Water Ski and Wakeboarding center

We arrived at Lake TLV on a late afternoon on a hot summer day in August. Before we started, we had to get some instruction. Starting with an instructional video and then with one of Lake TLV guides.
Lake TLV - watching instructional and safety video

Then we got a floating suit and a helmet.

The last step is the skis (we started with skis).

It is quite difficult at the beginning; it takes a few rounds to figure it out. If you fall you’ll have to take your skis and swim back.

After a few tries – there’s a start! My daughter got the hang of it quite quickly.
Here’s a short movie showing the activity, including falling into the water…

The activity is quite intense and requires some arm strength. Expect to get tired after an hour or two.
There’s an option to take a private guide, it is quite expensive but you’ll learn faster, also because you won’t wait in line with the other skiers between rounds.
There are really good deals early in the morning and in the evening.
Showers and lockers are available. There’s a cafeteria on grounds. There’s plenty of seating area around for those who don’t ski.
Lake TLV, Menachem Begin Park, Tel Aviv

Disclosure: I was a guest of the place

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