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Dripstones Cave of Liberty – Slovakia

The dripstones cave in Liptov (low Tetra) in Slovakia is called the Cave of Liberty and it is a part of a large complex of caves in the region. It is large and nice and well worth a visit! However, take into consideration that it requires walking uphill to the entrance, and a kilometer of walk inside with hundreds of stairs.
Dripstones Cave of Liberty – Slovakia

The cave is a few kilometer drive from Liptovsky Mikulash towards Jasna. The path to the cave starts from the (paid) parking lot. It is a steep walk up on a paved path. Here are some photos from the walk up.

It is quite long.
There are a few types of guided tours, we took the short one, whichi is quite enough in my opinion. There was a long line to the cachier, but once you get the ticket, you have a time for the tour and you don’t have to wait. The entry to the cave is indoors near the cachier. As far as I recall, the tour was in Slovakian and we got a note with some English summary. It could be that it was in other languages (Polish or German, but I’m not sure).
The cave is a cmplex of caves with varied “room” sizes. Some are wide and some narrow. There are walls and shapes on the way, Karts pools, and a small in-cave river. Sometimes water will drip on you as the cave is active. Here’s a we took right after we entered the cave, in the ‘wide’ area.

Then, we entered a more active area that is full of shiny dripstones. The cave is quite dark and I processed the photos a little bit so that the ‘view’ will be more visible.

The path is getting narrower as we go down. We used a flash for this photograph.

Here’s a movie of that narrower area.

We passed by the river in the cave.

and stunning karst pools!
Check the Cave’s website Demänovská Cave of Liberty for the full up-to-date info.
The short tour is around 1 km long and goes down 86 meters below the starting point. The website says it is 900 stairs, we did not count…
Get dressed well, the cave is cold (~7c).

For more information see: Slovakia.

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