Saturday, September 19, 2015

Karting in Slovakia

Wonderful karting activity for adults and children in the low Tatras in Slovakia around Liptov area.
Karting in Slovakia
Karting in Slovakia

We go to Monaco Karting. The place has a pleasant sitting area, with sofas, tv, and a small coffee shop. It is conveniently located with a glass door to watch the tracks quietly, because the track is quite noisy.

When you register for the ride, you’ll need to buy a ‘sock’ for the head, which you will wear under the helmet. They seem to follow safety instructions and asked my daughter to make a braid from her long her and insert it into her shirt to make sure it won’t entangle in anything. Then, the ‘racers’ go to the track and start a short session of instructions and then go driving. After a quick adjustment period, they start developing speed!

Here’s a short video of the track.

There are a number of tracks in Liptovsky Mikulas. It is highly recommended to book a track by calling them before coming because they fill up quickly, especially on weekends and in high season. Most tracks are covered.
Those who are sensitive – bring earplugs.
We were in Karting Monaco, which is located in the northern industrial area of Liptovsky Mikulas. The website is in Slovakian, you’ll need Google translate to read it.
Here’s more on Slovakia.

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