Thursday, November 5, 2015

Hanukkah Chocolate Coins with Pretzel and M&M

Hanukkah chocolate coins with Pretzel and M&M are our new giveaway for this Hanukkah. They bring a new dimension to the traditional Hanukkah chocolate coins, no more standard boring coins gold-wrapped plain chocolate coins – from now on we have upgraded chocolate coins with pretzel and mini M&M! These coins are also suitable for desert tables in parties, Bat Mitzvah and Bar Mitzvah.

So, what do you need? The quantities here are for 12-15 coins
200 grams of bittersweet or milk chocolate (or half and half, white is a bit more difficult to work with)
Pretzel (the round type with salt)
Mini M&M
Cupcake liners (medium size, the ones used for cupcakes)
Wrapping bags and ribbons if you want to wrap them individually
Put the cupcake liners on a tray or box. I recommend a box that can be covered.
Put the chocolate in a microwave safe dish, except 4 cubes that you put aside.
Melt the chocolate (60 seconds, stir, and add if not melted) be careful not to scorch the chocolate. After the chocolate fully melts, throw the 4 cubes that you left aside into the melted chocolate and stir until they melt. This will temper the chocolate by “seeding” it and will make it more stable. If the chocolate is too think, add a Tbsp of oil (or cocoa butter if you have).
Pour a small quantity of chocolate into each liner, just enough to cover the bottom (we want thin coins). Shake the tray gently to flatten the chocolate and let the bubbles out.
Gently put pieces of pretzel and M&Ms on the chocolate.
Move to the refrigerator for cooling and stabling. If it is cold enough in the kitchen, you can try and let it sit there for a few hours until it harden. If the chocolate is in the fridge, take it out when hard and leave the box closed on the counter (this will prevent the chocolate from getting wet while ‘sweating’ as it reaches the room temperature).
Take the chocolate out of the liners.
If you prepared it for serving as is, put it on a tray or a flat white dish and put some pretzels and M&M as decoration.

But if you prepared it as giveaways, wrap each coin individually and tie with a ribbon. You may add a name tag or a holiday greeting.

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