Sunday, February 5, 2017

Shtroudl Restaurant - Arab Fusion at the German Colony in Haifa

Shtroudl Restaurant at the German Colony in Haifa is an Arab Fusion restaurant serving Arab and International food. The restaurant is located on Ben Gurion street, a few blocks from the lower entrance of the Bahai Gardens.
Shtroudl Restaurant - Arab Fusion at the German Colony in Haifa
We got to Shtroudl on a cold winter evening from the nearby Colony hotel. We sat in the lovely greenhouse.

Shtroudl’s menu is quite diverse. A significant part of it is Arab dishes, but also Italian and International with steaks, Salmon, lamb, etc. The menu is quite amusing, with funny names like “Spoiling Grandma” salad, “Smiling Earth”, and “Shrimp in love”. We picked the most authentic plates we could find in the menu.
For starters we had Spoiling Grandma, Basha Eggplant, and Saj Rolls.
Spoiling Grandmother
An especially original salad that contains tomatoes, purple onion, Frika (wheat), chickpeas, roasted almond shreds, with chopped herbs such as chives, mint and parsley. Above it, a nice pile of fried Labne balls. I don’t know whose grandma is spoiling, but this salad certainly spoiled us – it was so yummy!
Basha Eggplant
Oven roasted eggplant, served warm with Tahini, chickpeas on a bedding of parsley – wonderful!
Saj Rolls
Dough rolls filled with chicken and onion seasoned with Sumac on a bedding of watercress. This dish was the one my husband liked more, if you like pita bread with chicken then and you are mostly to like it. But it is much more interesting than the regular pita.
For mains, we had Sheik Al Mahshi and Shushbarak
Sheik Al Mahshi
Stuffed zucchini filled with beef served on Frika with a sprinkle Goat Yoghurt. I love stuffed vegetables, it is very comforting food.  The seasoning of the meat is rich with cinnamon and the gentle sourness of the yoghurt merges well with it.
An especially large plate of stuffed pastry filled with beef in warm Yoghurt sauce served in a large wooden “boat” with a Kibbeh in the center. The combination of flavors is very oriental with the cinnamon and yoghurt, this was a bit overwhelming for me as I’m not a big fan of cinnamon in my meat. I was taken by the Kibbeh which was my favorite! I think that next time I’ll order the Kibbeh, which is seasoned a bit more internationally.
A huge portion of beautiful Kenafeh, suitable for sharing (even for 3 people). The Kenafeh arrived warm, covered with a generous layer of green diced Pistachio and a vanilla ice-cream. This was one of the best Kenafehs I had in my life (and living in the Middle East, believe me I have plenty). The texture, and balance of sweetness and the crunchiness of the Kedeif noodles in the Kanafeh was just perfect!
With the meal we had red Gamla wine, a hot apple cider with cubes of apples and cinnamon, a Camomile infusion (served in a pot) and an espresso.
In summary, Shtroudl is a great restaurant, pleasant to sit in, with tasty food made of fresh local ingredients. It provides an opportunity to try food from the updated Arab kitchen. Don’t miss Spoiling Grandma salad, the Kibbeh, and the Kedeif.

Shtroudl cooperates with the Colony Hotel Haifa, where you can order room service from the restaurant. To read more about the hotel (a unique Templar boutique hotel), read: Colony Hotel Haifa. The restaurant also works with the local spa Colony G. Spa, and you can book spa packages with meals at Shtroudl as well.

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