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Legacy Hotel Jerusalem

Legacy Hotel Jerusalem is located in the former YMCA building that was renovated while keeping its local authenticity; that is why it is called the Legacy Hotel. The hotel is situated on the 1967 border between East and West Jerusalem. Its back is on the main road Derech Heil Ha-handasa and the entrance is from Schem road. It is very close to the old city.
Legacy Hotel Jerusalem

We arrived at the hotel on a cold Friday evening. The doorman sent someone to collect our bags and take us to the hotel’s parking lot. The hotel’s building is covered with typical Jerusalem stone. The entrance is elevated and is used as a balcony. When it is warm, people sit there to enjoy the outdoors.
The lobby is small and modern with a touch of the Middle East and Arab culture.

The Rooms

The hotel is small and only has around 50 rooms. The rooms are not big but also not crowded. They are all refurbished and have wooden floors and small but very clean bathrooms. The rooms are equipped with all the necessities: mini-bar, coffee making facilities, a safe box and toiletries.

There are also upgraded rooms with a renewed modern bathroom and a spacious suit with a bath. Additional renovation is expected as the Legacy chain will renew the lease with YMCA.

We were very comfortable in our room. There is everything one needs as a base for a city break.
For dinner, we did not go far. On the 5th floor of the hotel, the bar and restaurant of the hotel are located, and it, together with the breakfast room, overlook Jerusalem.

The hotel bar is open and serves a variety of alcoholic beverages and cocktails.

Cardo – Mediterranean Fusion Chef Restaurant

The hotel’s restaurant is a chef restaurant that is open to the public. People from all around Jerusalem come here. It is a Mediterranean Fusion restaurant. It has a beautiful view and an open kitchen. The dishes of Chef Johnny Goric, the Palestinian Master Chef, are served here, and they are delicious! Presentation is fantastic and the combination of local ingredients with a modern twist is wonderful! You can read more about our experience in Cardo Restaurant.

The Coffee Shop

After dinner we went to the coffee shop located in the front yard of the hotel. The locals come here to spend the evenings, watch games on the large flat-screen TVs, celebrate events and birthdays and smoke Hookah. The Hookah (called Nargila here), is a smoking instrument. They smoke here scented tobacco, and the smell is sweet! This is quite an oriental experience! They serve light meals and desserts also.

The Sports Club

The Legacy hotel guests enjoy the facilities of the local YMCA located on the lower floor of the hotel. The lap pool is open early in the morning and in the evenings for a short period of time, but bathing is separate for women and men. However, the large gym and weight room have extended opening hours. Admission is free for hotel guests.


Legacy’s breakfast is one of the best I recently ran into. It is a buffet style serving, and it is very rich – with a variety of vegetables, cheeses, fish, breads, and more. There are many warm dishes, such as eggs, hot dogs, warm Hummus and Ful, Shakshuka, fried Halawi cheese, mini pancakes, French toast, Bourekas, and Kibbeh. They make omelets by request. There is a selection of cereals, granolas, yoghurt and fruit, honey and marmalades, and fresh orange-juice made on the spot and coffee made to order. All this is also served on Saturdays and holidays, as the hotel is not kosher.
It isn’t only the food here that makes breakfast a treat. The elegant dining breakfast room settings, with cloth maps and napkins and the beautiful view make breakfast a pleasure.
The dining room, as well as all the fifth floor where the bar and restaurants are located, overlook the open view along the balcony. We did not want to leave, we could have sat there the whole day, have coffee and look at the open view!

In summary, the Legacy hotel is a good standard hotel, pleasant to stay and with excellent service and dining services. It isn’t expensive and if you plan a vacation during the Jewish holidays, you can get here a really good deal, because it is marketed mostly abroad to the International market. It offers a really good value-for money and a wonderful option for a Jerusalem holiday!
Details: Legacyhotel, Schem st. Jerusalem
The Legacy chain has another hotel – Legacy Nazareth hotel.

Disclosure: I was a guest of the hotel.

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