Sunday, August 13, 2017

Muvix Concept – a new Movies Experience

Muvix Concept is a shared cinemaplex – a movie theatre in Tel Aviv with a new concept. Muvix has private screening rooms in the form of a living room, bar, and even a sofa-bed area that comes with full service – food and drinks! A new cinema experience that competes with VIP cimena!
Muvix - photo by Shahar Haber
Muvix is a place for pastime not just to watch a movie. Muvix has 14 private screening rooms for couples, families and groups in the form of a living room, a bar, and even bed-couches. All soft and pampering and if you’re cold and want to cuddle you’ll find blankets.
Here are a few examples of Muvix screening rooms:
A group room including armchairs and sofas. There are a number of such rooms in different sizes and design that accommodate up to 14 people. Here are a few photographs 

There is a room with bed-sofas (I got this photo from Muvix because the room was occupied when I was there)

Muvix concept - photo by Shahar Haber

There is a room for parents and children with two sofas and two screens so that the children can watch their own movie while the parents watch theirs.
We were only there but we got a spacious room with a bar-like area and a sofa. We sat on the bar to eat and then moved to the sofa to stretch our legs.
Muvix - on the bar

Muvix - stretching our legs

During the movie screening you can order food and drinks via Muvix app (currently only in Android, in iPhone you can order a waiter) that will be served to you to the room – pizzas, light meals, ice creams, popcorn cocktails and coffee.  The menu includes:
  •          Drinks, including wine, bear and cocktails
  •          Pizzas, toasts, sandwiches, vegetables
  •          Ice cream
  •          Popcorn
  •          Cofee and tea

We order pizzas, beer and cocktails that arrived really quickly. Pizza costs 38 NIS (plus toppings) and is enough for two people. Very good pizza!
Muvix - Pizza, Cocktails, and Beer

How does it work? you book tickets via Muvix website or app  by picking the movie you want to see from the list, screening time and number of people. Movix will contact you and explain everything. You’ll need to download Muvix free app and install it on your Smartphone. Tickets will be sent to you in SMS, email and will appear on your Muvix app.
When you get to Muvix, the staff will help you and make sure everything is properly installed and working. You’ll need a earphones to hear the movie via your phone app. This has an advantage - you can adjust the volume and pick the language of the movie (some movies have dubbing). If you don’t have earphones, don’t worry – you will get a pair as well as chargers if your battery is dead.
Muvix - setting up the app

When you enter Muvix, there’s a bar where you can hang out, drink and wait for your party. You can also order drinks and food to eat here or to be delivered to you when you watch the movie.
Muvix - lobby bar 

Muvix is open only on weekends during the evenings right now and the movies are not the new releases, but the cost for now is only 20 NIS per ticket for a trial period.
I found Muvix to be a very cool experience and very fun for a group/family entertainment without to serve food or clean after anyone – just go to Muvix and enjoy!
Muvix, Old Train Station, Tel Aviv
Disclosure: I was a guest of Muvix

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