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Yulia Restaurant at the Port of Tel Aviv

Yulia restaurant is located on the deck overlooking the beach at the southern end of the Port of Tel Aviv, right near the famous beach called ‘Mezizim’, which makes it a perfect location for a mean before or after bathing in the sea and for a pleasant dinner with the sound of the waves and wind. Yulia has a versatile menu, rich with fish and seafood that includes meat and poultry as well as vegan dishes and even child meals.
Yulia Restaurant at the Port of Tel Aviv

Imagine that you sit for a meal on the port’s deck, perhaps on an armchair or a sofa, watching the beach with the waves petting the deck and sailboats crossing the horizon, feel the wonderful breeze and eating tasty food or drinking a cool beer or a glass of good wine. This is how it feels at Yulia! And it is also very romantic in the evening! This is the view from the restaurant!

We arrived at Yulia on a warm August evening. Although it is the peak of the summer, the sea breeze is very pleasant here; it is lovely to sit outside in the fresh air on the deck.

Most of the seating here is outside on the deck overlooking the sea. In addition, there is an indoors sitting area and a covered, air-conditioned balcony facing the beach.
The restaurant is quite informal, you’ll spot dogs there and flip flops are accepted.
Yulia is a Mediterranean fish and seafood restaurant. The menu includes varied and includes gourmet fish and seafood plates, meats and poultry, vegan, and even food for the little ones like pasta and chicken tenders.


We ordered a number of small starters: Artichoke, sea tapas and Caprese salad, and Focaccia.
Artichoke alla Romana
Grill-roasted artichoke with Labneh and Za’atar. Heavenly artichoke! So good and goes so well with the gentle sourness of the Kaneh!
Fried seafood tapas
A choice of shrips, calamari or small sea fish. I picked the small sea fish. It was crunchy and was served with a tasty sauce.
Carprese salad and anchovy
Fresh mozzarella, multicolored cherry tomatoes, red onions, toasted bread, basil and balsamic dressing. This salad is usually served with anchovy (it wasn’t available but we decided to have the salad anyway, which was a really good choice). A really yummy salad, the cherry tomatoes of a number of varieties (red and orange Roma tomatoes and tiger) were firm, ripe and sweet, and couldn’t help dipping the bread in the leftovers of the balsamic dressing.

Main courses

Chicken breast
Marinated in harissa and pickled lemons, served on Mujadddara 
A huge plate of a generous amount of well seasoned chicken breast that is not spicy, served on tasty mix of white rice, lentils and a lot of fresh crunchy diced parsley.
Grilled sea bream fillet, served on spinach and ricotta tortellini with rose sauce
A stunning plate worth coming to Yulia for! The fish is very gently griled, well done, over soft tortellini full of flavors with a balanced Rose cream. I did not even add salt! it was just perfect in every bite!


Rose-water scented milk-based pudding with berries and walnuts.
Banana tarte Tatin and vanilla ice cream. This dessert is one of Yulia’s specialties. The base felt like puff pastry but was soaked with toffee sauce and on top of it – pipes of caramelized bananas and a scoop of high-quality vanilla ice-cream. We had to wait (about 15 minutes) as the Boya is baked right before it is served, but the waiting pays off – it is warm, sweet and so good!
With the food we had some good Israeli wine – Cabernet sauvignon from Dalton winery and the month’s special La Vie Blanc du Castel – an excellent blend of Sauvignon blanc, chardonnay and gewürztraminer.  
In summary, Yulia is recommended because of the food and for the atmosphere! All the food we had here was excellent - very tasty and was eaten to the very last crumb. The breeze was wonderful and the sea view fantastic!
My recommendation – don’t miss the artichoke and the “Boya” dessert.
When we walked out of the restaurant, we watched the sea and the high waves reaching the desk and wetting the pedestrians. We walked reluctantly to the free parking at Reading.
Information: Yulia, Hangar 2 Port of Tel Aviv

Disclosure: I was a guest of the restaurant

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