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Temple Bar – Irish bar in Kfar Saba, Glilot, and Haifa

Temple Bar is an Irish bar offering a large variety of alcoholic beverages. It is a place for friends to meet, to watch sports together, and to have a good drink and some light food.
Temple Bar – Irish bar in Kfar Saba, Glilot, and Haifa

When you enter the Temple Bar you feel like you went away to a different country. The atmosphere is like going into a pub in Ireland. The décor is wood-based with matching sofas and packed with vintage items: pictures, barrels, street signs, and other vintage artefact that makes the atmosphere traditional and appealing. The bar is a non smoking facility but has a smoking room. The bar is divided into small seating areas to give some privacy. Big screens are everywhere and sports events are played. This makes it an excellent place to watch games with friends and family. The music by the way, wasn’t Irish, it was modern.
Temple Bar Kfar Saba - Entrance

There are two reasons to come here – the atmosphere and the alcohol. The selection of Beers and alcoholic beverages is dazzling. There is a fine selection of wines, vodka, rum, whiskey and so forth, each beverage is offered here in a number of brands and flavors. There are many cocktails and I counted around 50 types of beers in the menu, including Israeli boutique beers, with a large number of them draft beers.  
We spent an evening at the Temple Bar in Kfar Saba (G Mall). We started with draft beers: Tuborg and Casteel Rouge (that’s a strong – 8% cherry flavored Belgian beer). During weekdays until 8PM, there is a deal of one free refill on the draft beers (it is called 1+1 but it is in fact a free refill).

While I think most people would have here a light meal (like we did), the menu offers a many options for starters, salads, burgers and even a steak. The specialty is the Irish dishes (I did not get to try them but it looks promising) like shepherd’s pie.
Temple Bar - Digital Menu

 We had salads and a sandwich:
A-la Romana
Artichokes a-la Romana, grilled onions, cherry tomatoes, green leaves and Parmigiano. A really nice salad (although not called this way in the menu, it is part of the starters offered here), quite big actually for a starter and contained also cucumbers and crunchy croutons. Fresh and tasty.
Premium Corn Beef
An authentic corned beef in a hamburger bun and vegetables. We added a side of fries which were flat ones and quite nice. It came without any sauce but we asked and got the house Tartar sauce.

Warm Mushroom and Tomato Salad on a bed of lettuce
A nice sized plate of sautéed mushroom and cherry tomatoes, with grilled onions. Served with a warm Italian bread. This was very yummy.
Cream Puffs filled with Vanilla Cream in warm Chocolate and Whiskey sauce
Two large cream puffs, one with vanilla cream and one with vanilla ice cream.
In summary, the Temple Bar is a great place for a date, a family or friends outing and for watching games. It is the place to come and enjoy the atmosphere and the vast selection of alcoholic beverages and have a light meal.
Disclosure: I was a guest of
the Temple Bar.
Prices are for starters 31-49 NIS, mains 59-119 NIS, and desserts 41-43 NIS. There are meal deals.
Temple Bar, Kfar Saba, Glilot, and Haifa

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