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Angelica Restaurant Jerusalem – Kosher Chef Restaurant

Angelica is a kosher chef restaurant in Jerusalem. It has elegant service and beautiful dishes! The restaurant is celebrating ten years and enjoys loyal customers.
Angelica – Kosher Chef Restaurant
Angelica restaurant is located in the center of Jerusalem, near King David hotel. The setting is of an authentic Jerusalem building with an internal modern space. When we got there in the evening, the décor and lighting were semi-elegant and informal with somewhat dim lights, which gave us a romantic feeling but still was appropriate for more casual dining.

Angelica - romantic ambience

The restaurant can accommodate around 70 guests with regular seating, bar area, and a private room. The bar is open and a glass window to the kitchen gives the feeling of an open kitchen but without the disturbances of the kitchen hassle.

The restaurant is owned by chef Marcos Gershkovitch and the menu is the work with chef Jonathan Sharvit. The menu is not wide and changes with the season as it includes many fresh ingredients. While the main courses are mostly European (grill), there is a fusion of different tastes, including Mediterranean and Asian. The cooking is a mix of traditional and modern (e.g., Sous-vide) techniques. There is a business menu at lunch time.
As we sat down we were served with warm bread and dips: tomato, eggplant, and aioli. We loved it but tried not to eat too much of it before the real food arrived!
Bread and excellent dips


We started with Endive salad, Qatayef, and the host picked an additional ‘surprise’ plate from the menu for us – Fish Kibbeh Nayyeh.

Endive Salad

Salanova lettuce, glazed beets, candied pecans, orange fillets and balsamic vinegar (NIS 52). This salad does not only look wonderful – it is wonderful. We enjoyed every bite!


Filled with veal ribs, oyster mushrooms and demi-glace sauce (NIS 56). It was full of tender meet and yummy with the mushrooms! It was more than a starter (quite big) but we shared it.

Fish Kibbeh Nayyeh

Asparagus and green curry cream, cucumber and green herbs (NIS 58). This was our ‘surprise’ starter. I had to think twice before eating it; it was so beautiful that it was a shame to ruin it! Like a garden! The Kibbeh itself was a shaped pile of fish, wheat, quinoa and onion and reminded me of ceviche. The sauce was a bit spicy so I had to get around it, but from what I tasted – it was full of flavors!

Main Courses

Entrecote 300 gr

Potato puree, bone marrow and red wine sauce (NIS 162). The meat was well seasoned and fresh herbs were felt in the food. The mashed potatoes were quite fine for non-dairy ones. I enjoyed the bone marrow that was dotted with coarse Jewish salt.

Grilled Beef Fillet 200 gr

Root vegetables cream, broccolini (replaced by crunchy broccoli flower), sweet potato, chestnut and shallots demi-glace (NIS 168).  This plate was very inviting and colorful. It had everything in it – meat, carbohydrate, vegetables and good sauce. But the treat here was the truffle spread on the mashed potatoes that upgraded it to gourmet!

Desserts and Drinks

We had one fruity dessert, wine and a cocktail.

Fresh Strawberry Soup

The restaurant is kosher so the desserts are a tricky part. We had a fresh strawberry soup, vanilla panna cotta, raspberry macaroon, strawberry toile and berries powder (NIS 48). This dessert is beautifully plated – wonderful colors of white, red and green, and decorated with a nasturtium flower. While the panna cotta wasn’t quite what I expected  (it was firmer and not of jelly texture) the rest was satisfying - a crunchy macaroon, balanced strawberry soup, dotted with blueberries and the tuile was wonderful!


The restaurant has a small menu of cocktails and a wide offering of wines. I started with a cocktail Peach Margarita – cuervo tequila, triple sec, cardamom, peach (NIS 45). A mix of sweet and savory, a pinch of spiciness and saltiness, decorated with pistachios. Very refreshing and interesting!

With the meal we had Psagot Angelica 2015 Red by the glass. It is the restaurant’s signature wine, which is a blend of cabernet sauvignon, merlot, sira and petit sira that was aged 12 months. It is a very fresh and fruity wine that goes well with the meat cuts we had.
Psagot Angelica Red 2015

The service here is elegant; the barman (actually bar-lady) took our drinks order, while they called her sommelier, she wasn’t one, but she seemed to know her way around the drinks offered, and served the drinks elegantly.


In summary, Angelica is a good choice for an elegant kosher meal or to celebrate a special occasion.


Angelica, 4 George Washington st., Jerusalem 02-6230056, Kosher
Disclosure: I was a guest of the restaurant

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