Sunday, March 4, 2018

Ramon Vineyard

Ramon Vineyard is the first and biggest vineyard in the area, established by Negev Rising, a torah and environment consortium of families that support local welfare and education in Mitzpe Ramon. 

10 years ago, the founders of the Ramon Vineyard realized that the climate is perfect for raising grapes because the day heat generates sugar in the grapes and the cold nights lock it inside the grapes. They started planting the vineyards at elevation 800 meters while facing many bureaucratic difficulties in 2010 and since then it is growing steadily with high demand for their grapes from Israeli wineries. They also make their own wine at Bazelet Hagolan winery.
When we visited the vineyard it was in the winter, and the vines were 'naked' 

But this is how it looks in the summer (I got this photo from the vineyard)

Here's a video about the vineyard.

The vineyard is open for tasting. We headed to see the vineyard, although the best time here is in the spring and summer, when the vines are green. They grow many types of grapes here. 
The visitor’s center is serene place with grass, fruit trees and a paddling pool. We sat below the hut shade and tasted the wines; I especially loved the refreshing Chardonnay.

Beyond a tour of the vineyards and wine tasting, during the summer there is family vintage activity, a puzzle executed around the vineyard and a paddling pool. The place can be rented for events.
Phone: +972-55-667-3460

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