Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Sushia – Israeli Sushi at Wolfson

The Sushia at Wolfson Mall, Holon serves great Isareli Sushi! one can eat on the spot or take out. Here you can find a large selection of fresh Sushi that is professionally prepared on the spot.
Sushia – Israeli Sushi at Wolfson
Seating at Wolfson Sushia is at the bar but is quite comfortable with a good view of the sushi preparation process.
The Sushia is a fast food Israeli sushi eatery, but all the dishes are prepared onthe spot in front of you. It may mean you need to wait a little bit for the preparation, but it is well worth the wait. Not only because you will get excellet fresh Sushi, but because watching Sushi preparation is always fun. I think I can sit for hours and watch the Sushi mat filled and rolled with goodies.
The Sushia’s menu is mostly centered around the sushi and its types, but you can find here misu soup and a few types of stir-fried dishes. We ate misu soup, two types of sushi, and two types of stir-fried.
Misu Soup – a nice bowl of Misu (the tofu is hiding, it sank…). The soup was somewhat blant and I had to add some soy sauce to upgrade it, which resulted in a tasty soup.
Vegan sushi – tasty inside out sushi with vegetables!
Build it yourself sushi – an inside out sushi that is made by request. I asked for fried salmon and vegetables (avocado and sweet potato). Excellent sushi – i loved it!
Chicken chop suey – Stir-fried rice with chicken and vegetables. A rich dish with a generous amount of vegetables, including bean sprout, red and greent peppers, cabbage and browned chicken. The rice got a nice browish color and was full of flavor while not ‘sitting’ in the sauce. Very good plate!
Phad thai with chicken – wide rice noodles with chicken, vegetables and peanuts. Similary to the rice dish, a very rich dish. It was a bit spicy for the old lady who ate with me, although I would consider it not spicy.
The branch has no desserts, only drinks. However, there’s an excellent ice-cream stand right next to it!
Info: Wolfson Sushia, Wolfson mall, Holon. A few miles south from Tel Aviv. Kosher.
Disclosure: I was a guest of the place.

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