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Sky Jump – Trampoline Park in Raanana

Sky Jump, the Trampoline Park in Raanana, spans over 1500 square meters with over 50 jumping surfaces, including a sponge pool, dodge ball, cage ball, beam, basketball, a toddler area, and a gallery for the parents. There’s also a 7d-Max theatre there! Sky Jump is the right place for all the ages for air-conditioned energetic activity and also for events and birthdays!
Sky Jump – Trampoline Park in Raanana

One of the challenges of families with children in different ages is that it is difficult to find an attraction that would be suitable to all the ages. The trampoline park is a perfect solution – fun for everyone from toddlers to young adults! I spent there three hours with three teenagers and a recently released soldier and they did not want to leave the place!
The main reason to come to the trampoline park Sky Jump is of course the trampolines and the jumping surfaces. There are many different surfaces at Sky Jump, including a sponge pool, beam, dodge ball, cage ball, and many more. Every hour, they dim the lights and turn on some disco-lights that turn the jumping into a party!

Sponge Pool
One of the fun areas in the trampoline park is the sponge pool, where the jumpers can do all the crazy exercises they dream of – and fall into a soft sponge pool. This was my daughter’s favorite area where she spent most of her time. In the following short video you can see it and also how it gets dark and a party atmosphere talk over!

On the other side of the sponge pool there’s a climbing wall. You can see it in the following picture.
There’s a beam and a flexible wire to exercise balance.
Cage Ball and Basket Ball

The Jumpolina – separate area for the little ones

Parents’ Gallery
While the children jump, the parent can sit in the gallery where there are chairs and sofas and observe them from above. There’s no cafeteria yet (I was told that they will open one soon), but there are vending machines in the entrance area.

Sky Jump is very aware of safety issues, there’s a safety movie and every hour the security procedures are being announced. The observers around the place make sure that the order will be preserved (you’ll be able to see them in the pictures – they wear orange t-shirts). There’s also separation between the older and younger children. In addition, the hygient is preserved – it is not allowed to eat and drink on the jumping surfaces and anti-skid sox are worn on the surface (cost 5 NIS, can be washed/reused). You can see yourself how clean the place was when I visited and took the pictures.

Sky Jump has hourly jumping cycles – a single ticket is for one hour and jumping starts on the hour. You get half price for the 2nd hour onwards.
7d-Max Movie Theatre
Another attraction at Sky Jump is the multi-senses theatre. The theatre screens 3D movies with effects – moving chairs, wind, rain, smell, lights, smoke, etc. There’s a variety of movies that are 10 minutes long. My teens (ages 12-20) enjoyed it.
The place offers a party room for birthdays, bar and bat mizva, and for other events.
In summary, Sky Jump trampoline park is a lot of fun! a really good attraction that combines sports and fun in an air-conditioned environment for all ages! the only problem is that your children will want to stay there forever!
Some tips:
·         it saves time to order tickets online. get there at quarter to the hour. This will give you enough time to get organized while not waiting too much as entry is on the hour.
·         consider jumping between 1-4pm, it is usually less busy and much more calm during these hours (on vacation).
information: Sky Jump (Hebrew), trampoline park, 2 Hasadna, Raanana
Prices are around 50 nis for 1 hour jump and half price for the 2nd hour. There’s a discount for jumpers in the 7d theatre.
There’s a limited amount of free parking for Sky Jump customers (look for the signs in front of the buidling), additional free parking is avaialble at Renanim mall, a couple of blocks from Sky Jump.
Disclosure: I was a guest of Sky Jump

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