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What’s new in Manara Cliff – nightly activities and new attractions

What’s new in Manara Cliff? Manara goes to new peaks – nightly Activities, Slackline, Barefoot trail, and parent-teen workshop and the Legion-Run all in the Manara Cliff. Manara Lodge is offering Kibbutz-style action-inclusive vacation in the northern Galilee, featuring the Manara Cliff with extreme activities (the mountain slide, Bungee trampoline, Rappelling, climbing wall and archery) and many family attractions.
What’s new in Manara Cliff – nightly activities and new attractions

Manara Lodge is a Kibbutz-style lodge. It is the right place for families who look for an active vacation for a fair price and without opening the wallet all the time. The package that Manara Lodge is reasonably priced and includes all the activities offered at the Manara Cliff (and there are a lot of them! mountain slide, Bungee trampoline, Rappelling, climbing wall and archery, and more) There is really good value for money here. You can read more about Manara Lodge and the activities in the article Manara Lodge – the action is all inclusive.
What is new at Manara?
·         Night activity – the cable car, mountain slides, bungee trampoline, and a bonfire, on some of the nights
·         Barefoot trail
·         Slackline
·         Free entrance to Canada Centre swimming pool
·         Improved breakfast – more salads and a changing Druze dish
·         Private guide – can be hired for trips around the cliff
·         Nordic walk – Nordic walking poles are available at the reception
Have you ever traveled by cable car at night? For me it was the first time, and it is fun! What a breeze! It is an entirely different experience than in daylight. You’re be interested to know that in the springs the cable car bubble’s windows were replaced with lattice to let the breeze into the bubble and it is now pleasant to ride the cable car also in the summer. At night, the mountain slides are quite an experience. If the speed and the fast turns excite you in daylight – at night it thrilling!
After finishing the lower station activities, the upper station offers a bonfire that starts at sunset. Manara’s staff takes care of the fire and will bake potatoes if you bring them. Don’t forget the marshmallows! And if you do – you can buy at the nearby kiosk.
I already wrote about the lodge rooms in the past in the article about Manara Lodge. Breakfast was improved to include more salads and a changing Druze dish. We got stuffed Vine leaves, a typical dish – vegan.
I also wrote about the extreme activities in Manara Cliff – The mountain slide, Bungee trampoline, Rappelling, climbing wall and archery (in the Mannra Lodge article). In the extreme station in the middle of the mountain evaporative mist coolers were installed, so waiting, resting or getting equipped to rappelling or climbing in the hot Israeli summer is much cooler now.
On the upper station at Manara Cliff, there are a number of new attractions; among them are the Slackline and the barefoot trail:
Slackline – you can work on your balance here while using poles as support. It may seem easy, but it is quite tricky. Surprisingly, this activity seemed popular among adults, my gymnast daughter as usual, excelled.
Barefoot path – new in Israel, the 80 meters barefoot path is made of different textures – sand, pebble, wood, land, etc. It is an opportunity to learn about the types of soil and rocks in Israel while getting some natural reflexology. The path is located at the upper station of Manara Cliff and under the trees and is pleasant also during the summer.
In addition to these attractions, there are many attractions for families with smaller children – walking and hiking paths, mountain train, arts and crafts, and for athletes – the bike park. Marana’s staff is very friendly and will help you find the right activities that suit you!
Manara is perfect for young people (and young in spirit) looking for action, families with children, and family fun. If you are parents of teens, you’ll find Manara will be an excellent choice for you to spend quality time with your teens, something that turns a bit difficult to do when they are adolescence. Ask the office about the “Mahouti Challenge” – a one-night parent-child camp for Bar/Bat Mizva children. The parent and child arrive to spend a night in Manara and attend a bonding workshop including attending extreme activities together. Here’s a short video of our activities at Manara Cliff with my two teens.

If you read this far, you probably like extreme. You might want to know that in October it will be fun here – at an International level!!! On October 14, 2016, the Legion Run is coming to Manara Cliff. The Legion Run is an extreme trail that lets the participants test the limits of their ability with 5 kilometer of running and 20 obstacles such as 7 meter high climbing wall ending with an ice water pool, a mud crawling path, climbing ropes and net, and many more. The aim of the Legion run is not competition, but a group challenge. The Legion Run will be quite a happening with music, food market, and of course, the cliff will be open as usual for the families and friends of the participants.
Legion run, photo: Panagiotis Assonitis
So if you’re planning a vacation in Israel, you might want to catch up with the activities at Manara!
Info: Manara Lodge
Disclosure: I was a guest of the place

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