Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Christmas Shopping at Big Fashion Nazareth Mall

Big Fashion Nazareth mall opens the Christmas season! If you are planning to visit Nazareth for the holiday, or before Christmas, you might want to take advantage of the Christmas parties and celebrations at Big Fashion mall, where you will find many international and Israeli brands, children activities, and a European atmosphere.Christmas Shopping at Big Fashion Nazareth Mall

Last week I was invited to Big Fashion Nazareth mall’s Christmas tree lighting and celebrations of the opening of the Christmas month and sales. I always enjoy coming to the mall. The immaculate mall is beautifully designed and there are many opportunities to shop, eat and enjoy the Christmas spirit. Here’s a short video from the lighting of the Christmas tree and decorations that evening, including the children’s train that passed by.
Big Fashion Mall is located less than a mile from the center of Nazareth. It is an outdoor, partially covered mall. With the great weather in Israel you can enjoy the sunshine also in the winter. And forget about snow, it hardly snows here and it does not even rain much either, the temperatures are far above freezing!

The mall hosts International brands like H&M, Timberland, Keds, Mothercare, Zara, etc. Israeli leading brands such as Catro, Golf, Delta, Honigman, Laline, Michal Negrin, and Scoop. There are a number of coffee shops and restaurants, including CafeCafe, Roladin, Greg, Pizza hut, MacDonald’s, and others.

There is also a local food market where you can buy Halva, Druze pitta bread with Labne, and other local delicatessen.
At Santa House, located near the main mall entrance, you’ll find all the Christmas goods and decorations, outfits, and souvenirs.
If you want to read more about interesting sites in Nazareth – the Basilica of Annunciation, Mary’s well, the Nazareth Market and candy stores, read my article from last year’s visit – Christmas in Nazareth.
When I stayed in Nazareth, I stayed at the Legacy hotel and ate at the hotel’s Oud restaurant, which I highly recommend.
Disclosure: I was a guest of Big Fashion Nazareth mall

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