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Waldorft Astoria Jerusalem Events - Elegant and Glatt Kosher Gourmet

Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem, the best hotel in Israel and one of the ten best hotels in the Middle East, showcased its event services with a concept dinner orchestrated by Chef Itzik Mizrachi Barak in the biggest and fanciest ballroom in Jerusalem. Here is a peek at the leading event services in Israel!
Waldorft Astoria Jerusalem Events - Elegant and Glatt Kosher Gourmet
Waldorf Astoria Events - photo couresy of Hilton


When we got to the event we gathered at the large foyer. Dozens of candles illuminated the reception hall with gentle light. An active bar served cocktails and sparkling wine and starters were served. Two violins played in the background.
Reception hall

Waldorf Astoria Events - photo couresy of Hilton


The Grand Ballroom

The guests were invited to enter the grand ballroom. As the door opened and we walked into the dark ballroom that was softly illuminated by candles the big table caught our eyes. A breathtaking 22 meters long and 2.5 meters wide elegant table, decorated with thousands of while and pastel flowers and plants, real green grass, old-fashioned lamps and candlesticks in different elevations. The table was set with silver and white diningware and immaculate white cloth napkins. This was like a table laid for knights. The whispers of ‘wow’ were sounded from all around as the lights were turned on and we excitedly sat by the table.
The ambience was magical with artificial mist. An excellent Jazz band of Israeli Russian immigrants played during dinner and local wines were served including a fine Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve from the Judea Mountains.  
Waldorf Astoria Events - photo couresy of Hilton


Seating areas in the Grand Ballroom


Dinner was extravagant; Chef Itzik Barak prepared six courses of colorful three-dimensional dishes. Each plate of fish, beef or lamb was carefully composed into a scene, garnished with the season’s best vegetables, mushrooms, nuts, and herbs and served with the most beautiful and tasty sauces.

Red Tuna Sashimi – bulgur, herbs, pomegranates and Tahini sauce

This plate is practically a three-dimensional garden on the plate – red, yellow, orange, green and beige. The fresh Tuna was fresh and aroma-less and included a touch of spicy Wasabi sauce. The bulgur was excellent and all the extras around from the cucumber, yellow cherry roma tomatoes, fennel and pomegranates fit in perfectly!
Tuna Sashimi

Slow cooked Sea bass filet – Yuzu cream, Shimeji mushrooms and caramelized carrots in edible sea ripple

This plate is a work of art! It includes a scene of the sea with ripples – edible foam. The mushrooms and caramelized carrots together with nuts and shallots makes it perfect settings. The only problem I had with this dish was that I had to take the perfect shot with it (including a close-up photo) which took a little while and got cold while I was doing it. It was excellent anyway, each ingredient was so tasty! I practically cleaned the plate!

Seabass - close up

Beef Spareribs in Asian Marinade – roasted peppers, marinated water melon and Japanese radish in Ponzu vinaigrette

This plate is a cold plate. The menu started with the fish and moved to the beef so we switched between cold and warm dishes. The ingredients here are especially surprising. Roasted red pepper, on it decomposed sparerib, radish and crispy onion chips. Around this were water melon squares. The combination is really crazy. I did not like the water marinated water melon but loved the radish and onion with the beef. However, it seems like the other diners loved the water melon.
Beef Spareribs

Veal Rib eye Steak on Charcoal Grill – roasted potato in mushroom crust, in beef broth

I love steaks. While my favorite part is the filet, this rib eye was so yummy! A steak in a big even is always a risk. But here it was so perfect and so good! Red inside and seared around and very tender! I enjoyed every bite! The sauce was wonderful and the crunchy beet and sweet potatoes were beautiful and tasty. I think the potato was done in frying and baking technique that makes it crusty around and soft inside like fries, which would explain why I couldn’t stop eating it! The decorations on it were stunning! This plate was spectacular! Straight to the museum!
Ribeye Steak

Seared lamb Ribs – caramelized beet and Jerusalem artichoke in lamb broth

I admit that I was full when I got to this course. But I had to eat some of it! First, it looks like a flower with the roasted roots – Jerusalem artichoke, beet, etc. the ribs were coated with pistachio and were so soft and yummy!
Lamb Ribs

Chocolate Ball filled with Chocolate Ganache – cocoa biscuit, strawberry and raspberry coulis

If at this point I thought I cannot be surprised, it was Claude Ben Simon’s turn to surprise me. We got an eye for dessert! In a open-top ball of chocolate filled with chocolate ganache mousse sat an eyeball of strawberry and raspberry coulis. This made a lot of excitement around the table and I can tell you it was so good. This is a demonstration that a parve dessert can be wonderful if when the pastry chef is good!
Chocolate eye

Chocolate eye and fruits

With desert we were served fresh fruits and petit four tray – crisp macaroons, home-made marshmallows and other goodies. However, the surprise was the tray itself, it was pure chocolate! I tasted it!
Petit fours

Chocolate Tray

Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem – Hotel and Events

Waldorf Astoria is considered the best hotel in Israel, for years it has been rated best in Israel and among the ten best hotels in the Middle East according to Conde Nast Traveller! The hotel has 226 rooms and suites and private concierge service. It is perfectly located near Mamila and Jaffa gate. You can read more about the hotel in the article: Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem- Luxury at its best, and about the Waldorf Astoriasummer Rooftop bar.
Waldorf Astoria Ballroom is the biggest in Jerusalem, spans over a pillar-less 700 square meters with a six meters high ceiling! The foyer for receptions is a 500 square meters pillarless space and the rooftop terrace is especially suitable for weddings and receptions. The ballroom can be divided into three sections and is equipped with all the advanced audio-visual systems. 
No doubt that this event was one of the elegant events I have ever attended. The location of the hotel makes it perfect for Bar Mizvas, weddings and special events! So if you can afford it – that’s the place for a memorable celebration!

Disclosure: I was a guest of the hotel

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