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Café Louise – The Healthy Choice is Tasty

Café Louise serves healthy food with many vegan choices and proves that healthier food can be tasty! Café Louise’s menu includes fish and poultry with an emphasis is on vegetables, skinnier ingredients and whole food; but there are also decadent desserts and treats.
Café Louise – The Healthy Choice is Tasty

When we got to Café Louise in Kfar Saba rather early for lunch, it seemed like the place for women. There was only one men, but when the popular lunch hour arrived, it was full with a variety of diners, including men and children. The restaurant is pleasant and there is a lot of light, it is also a pleasant environment for people to sit and work and there were a number of people sitting with their laptops.

Although Café Louise has many healthy choices, there is no compromise in the tastes, the food is rich, well prepared and is fun to eat!


The restaurant has a business deal – buy three starters get a free Focaccia. We ordered the artichoke plate, sweet potato patties, and a Sicilian Focaccia and got another Focaccia on the house. This was a real treat as the Focaccia is yummy!

Seared Artichoke  

Halved seared Artichokes and chickpeas on cow’s milk Labneh with tomato salsa. I love Artichoke and am always happy to have it, and this Artichoke was so tasty! Fresh and well made. It fits wonderfully with the savory Labneh!

Sweet Potatoes Patties (vegan)

Vegan sweet potatoes patties that are served on arugula leaves, with pesto and balsamic vinegar reduction. These patties are so good! I could not recognize the ingredients but there are some grains inside. They are so soft and melt in the mouth! Unfortunately, I could not get the recipe (a professional secret) – believe me I asked for it!

Simply Focaccia

Whole wheat Focaccia with tomato salsa and garlic confit. We got it as part of the starters deal. It is nothing like the Focaccia you are used to eating. It is denser and not as soft, but it is much healthier and very good!

Sicilian Focaccia

Whole weat Focaccia with basil pesto, topped with Artichoke, cherry tomatoes and Calamata olives halves. Although we had two Focaccia breads, we enjoyed both and this one is such a treat!

Main Courses

We ate chicken and gnocchi.

Boneless Chicken Thigh in Pears and Wine

Boneless chicken thigh in wine sauce and pears, served with mashed potatoes and peas. A very tender chicken portion, slightly sweet and delicious.

Sweet Potatoes Gnocchi – with Salmon

Sweet potatoes gnocchi in basil and dried tomatoes sauce with onion, zucchini, mushrooms, parmesan with an extra of salmon. The gnocchi was made exactly as it should with perfect texture, a generous amount of sauce although a bit greasy (that’s part of the game with pesto). The salmon was added as small cubes. I loved it!

Desserts and Drinks

The menu includes a large variety of desserts with healthier and corrupt desserts such as trifle, we picked a fruit based dessert.

Apple Pie

A brittle apple pie with almond cream that is served warm with a ball of French vanilla ice cream. It was excellent!

With the meal we drank a tasty inexpensive wine – Cabernet Reserve from Binyamina winery. I also drank freshly squeezed apple juice.

Café Louise has a menu of natural shakes containing superfoods such as Spirulina and Chia. They can be made with yoghurt, soy, almond or cow’s milk and a variety of fruits.

You might want to check the specials, they currently have Power Bowls for the winter.

There is also a small deli and bakery where you can buy things and take home.

Café Louise, vegan friendly and healthy, not kosher
Prices are around NIS 28-38 for starters, NIS 69 for the chicken, NIS 57 (plus the salmon extra) for the gnocchi, NIS 43 for the cake.

Disclosure: I was invited to review the restaurant

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