Sunday, March 4, 2018

Rappelling and off-road trips in Mitzpe Ramon

If the steep cliffs of Ramon crater stir up your imagination to go out and explore them, I recommend rappelling and an off-road trip. We took a combined adventure package of rappelling and an off-road trip.

There are a number of rappelling options offered near the visitors center ranging from 15-42 meters. An experienced guide welcomed us and we got helmets and harnesses. The drop is almost vertical and is a lot of fun! We walked back up via a marked path.

A 4x4 vehicle with a driver/guide picked us there and took us on a two hours tour to explore the crater’s inner views.  As we went off the road, our first stop was at Ramon Stream. Our guide, Hen Yannay, explained to us how the Ramon crater was created. This land was part of Tethys Ocean and layers of minerals each containing different minerals sunk in the water, forming different colored layers including iron, copper, sulfur, magma, etc, which were exposed when the water withdrew and the wind and water tunneled in the rock, shaping it in the form of a crater. The spot at Ramon stream we stopped at gives a good view of the soils from a profile, showing the different colors of layers that sunk here – this is both beautiful and educating!

Our next destination was Mount Gvanim, “Shades” in English. The drive there was lot of fun, somewhat steep and bumpy. Mt. Gvanim is located on a strategic spot in the middle of the crater, ideal for a good lookout on the crater’s topography. At the top of the mountain there are orientation tables. 

In the summer, the popular tours are at sunrise and sunset.
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