Friday, August 3, 2018

Panorama Café – Dan Panorama Lobby Restaurant

Panorama Café offers excellent dairy food that is beautifully presented in an elegant and calm setting. Eating there is an opportunity to take a break from the busy city.

Dan Panorama lobby restaurant is situated on the 2nd floor of the hotel. It is elegantly decorated, has a pool and sea view, and different seating options.

We had a light dairy lunch there. The menu includes salads, sandwiches, fish and pasta and some fancy desserts.


We started with a soup, sandwich and salad.
Soup of the Day (NIS 35)
Pumpkin soup a little savory and very good. It was served with biscuits.

Menashiya Salad – fresh seasoning herbs, fried Halloumi cheese, crispy-coated artichoke hearts, roasted nuts and seeds, pomegranate vinaigrette (NIS 54).
This was more a starter than a salad. Cubes of fried Halloumi cheese with artichoke heart schnitzels on top of bourghul and herbs (I identified parsley), cranberries and grains, very rich with dots of pink sauce. I highly recommend it, we loved it!

Caprese Sandwich – Rustique bread, fresh mozzarella, basil, tomato mousse, pesto, served with fresh vegetables (NIS 58).
The waiter thought the menashiya salad was small (not really) so we ordered this instead of bread (which she didn’t note and brought the bread anyway). At any rate, this was pure pleasure – we loved every bite! It was served with a fresh vegetables salad made of Salanova lettuce, chunks of carrots and miniature vegetables, mini red pepper, mini cucumber and cherry tomatoes. It turned out to be one of the dishes we loved - a tasty dish which is a must-order here! The crunchy bread with the melted cheese and the spread’s flavor was a treat!

Bread with butter and dips (NIS 16).
While ordered by mistake, this bread is yummy! Two loafs of fresh bread, one white and one whole with flaxseeds. We ended up taking it with us and had it for supper.


For main course we had Salmon and Ravioli.
Roasted Salmon Fillet – green vegetables, pepper cream and coriander seeds (NIS 84)
A big chunk of tender salmon with crispy greens and a slightly spicy pinkish sauce (the coriander seeds were the garnish). I enjoyed it very much!

Chestnut Ravioli in cream and mushroom sauce (NIS 62)
Excellent ravioli, well prepared (al dente) good filling and wonderful sauce with slices of mushroom and chunks of chestnuts, served with shaved parmesan.

Dessert and Drinks

There are many options for desserts, including a choice of cakes, we decided to try some of the specialties here.
Orange and rum semifreddo (NIS 34)
This was presented in the Hebrew version of the menu as an orange soufflé, but the waitress explained to us that it was a cold dessert. It was indeed a fluffy orange soufflé, not too sweet with a center of orange marmalade and sweet candied orange peel garnish. This plate was beautifully served with different sweet creams and candy. It was relatively light and not too sweet, which makes it a good ending of a full meal.

Surprise Egg – chocolate ball stuffed with candy and ice-cream, served with hot chocolate toffee sauce (NIS 34)
This dessert is served beautifully. First, you get a chocolate egg (the plate is similar to the other dessert, very beautiful and full of creams and candy). Then, the waiter pours a warm toffee sauce on it and it melts and collapses – very cool!

You end up eating a pile of quality chocolate mixed with sauces and creams (the filling was praline sauce and not ice cream though).
This is a very fancy dessert which would make the ‘wow’ effect, so if you are here with children, or want to impress someone – this is the dessert for you!
Here's a short movie of how it collapses.

The menu featured the Israeli Barkan winery and we had the Cabernet Sauvignon Special Reserve from the Upper Galilee that was aged 18 months in oak barrels, a really good, balanced wine (NIS 36).

My partner had an espresso that was very elegantly served with a glass of soda and a cookie.

In summary, a pleasant calm ambience, far from the city rush, with excellent food that is beautifully presented; not cheap, but surely worth the experience!


Panorama restaurant, Dan Panorama Lobby, 10 Kaufman st. Tel Aviv. Dairy, Kosher.
Disclosure: I was a guest of the restaurant

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