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Dan Accadia Lobby Restaurant – Kosher Pizzas and Italian Food

The Lobby restaurant at Dan Accadia serves kosher dairy food in an international atmosphere and magnificent beach view. Recently, the hotel chef Golan Israeli introduced a new pizzas menu with Mediterranean flavors.
Dan Accadia Lobby Restaurant – Kosher Pizzas and Italian Food

We got to the Lobby Restaurant at Dan Accadia to have a light dairy lunch and try the new pizzas. Although it was quite rainy in the last days, the sun came out and we could enjoy the beautiful ambience and sea view. The lobby was recently refurbished and has a contemporary décor. While we sat outside, there’s also a nice garden here overlooking the pool and the beach.
Dan Accadia Lobby Restaurant - recenty refurbished

Lobby Restaurant - Sea View


We started with soup and salad.

Onion Soup and Parmesan Crostini

A rich soup with mild sweetness and a generous amount of onion.

Caprese Salad

A refreshing tasty salad containing fresh red cherry tomatoes, dried tomatoes (they felt home-made), pine cones, basil leaves, buffalo mozzarella chinks with pesto in balsamic vinegar.  The salad (and the soup) were served with fresh buns, butter, and a dip of olive oil with tomato salsa and roasted garlic. This salad by itself with the bread can be a light meal!


The pizzas here are think crusted and crunchy, just like in Italy. The dough is exactly the way I like it – very professionally made! Golan Israeli, the executive chef at Dan Accadia tells me they bought a special pizza oven for this! the pizza menu includes 7 chef pizza you can make your own pizza and select toppings.  Among the pizza there are:
Four white pizzas: Zucchini Bianca – cream sauce, zucchini slices and mozzarella; Pear & Roquefort Bianca – pears poached in white wine, topped with shredded Roquefort, mozzarella, and green leaves; Salmon Bianca – smoked salmon, crème freiche and red onion rings; and Four Cheese Bianca – camembert, buche, ricotta, and mozzarella, with green leaves.
Three Tomato pizzas: Tomato, Chilli & Pineapple – tomato sauce, fresh chili rings, pineapple, and mint leaves; Greek – tomato sauce, eggplant, onions, feta cheese, anchovies, and oregano; and Mushroom & Chestnut – Portobello, champignon and wild mushrooms, with tomato sauce, chestnuts and parmesan cheese

We picked two chef pizzas with tomatoes – the Greek and the Mushroom & Chestnut.

Greek Pizza – tomato sauce, eggplant, onions, feta cheese, anchovies, and oregano;

We ordered this pizza with only a small amount of anchovies (my partner doesn’t eat Anchovies and we shared). It is an excellent pizza, although the anchovies are very salty and made the rest of the flavors fade away. The eggplant was really good and not greasy at all (which often a problem with eggplants) and fits well with the thin slices of red onion and the cheeses.

Mushroom & Chestnut Pizza– Portobello, champignon and wild mushrooms, with tomato sauce, chestnuts and parmesan cheese

This is a wonderful pizza, many types of mushrooms and the chestnuts are so good here!

Warm Plates

Gnocchi  - chestnuts, mushrooms in cream sauce

Homemade balls of Gnocchi perfectly made, in perfect texture in cream-chestnuts sauce to die for with thin slices of mushrooms. This was so good! I enjoyed every bite!

Desserts and Drinks

Dan Accadia has a patisserie team and the cakes in the display fridge were all tempting. We picked two light cakes with fruit.

Fruit and Mascarpone Pie

Very nice pie, with fresh strawberry and chocolate garnish with a sugar daisy. The base is rather thick but light, feels like it contains nuts. It is not too sweet and got pockets of blueberries inside. The mascarpone cream is light and tasty. Not much fruit to justify the name, but we enjoyed it!

Pistachio Vanilla Mousse cake

I loved this cake. Not only that it has really nice colors – it is full of surprises. It is wrapped by fluffy pistachio dough, inside there is a thin crust with strawberry cream, fresh strawberry and a lot of vanilla cream. When cut – the layers are exposed into a fancy profile!

With lunch we had some good Recanati wine (the pizza deal is served with wine or beer) and freshly squeezed apple juice. We had good espresso and cappuccino with dessert.

A dairy meal at Dan Accadia’s lobby restaurant is a good idea. It is tasty and kosher and the setting is beautiful. The atmosphere is calm and the service is excellent!
Information: Dan Accadia Lobby Restaurant, 122 Ramat Yam, Herzliya. Open Sunday-Thursday 12-23, Friday 12-an hour before Shabbat. Kosher.
Prices: Pizza deal including pizza and a glass of wine/beer for NIS 88 (limited time offer). Soup NIS 47, Salad NIS 65, Gnocchi NIS 78, cakes NIS 29.
Disclosure: I was a guest of the place

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