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Herbert Samuel – Kosher Chef Restaurant at the Ritz-Carlton Herzliya

Herbert Samuel is a kosher chef restaurant located at the Ritz-Carlton Herzliya. The restaurant is a place for fine dining with excellent food and service and beautiful view of the Herzliya Marina. A perfect place for a romantic dinner or to celebrate an event!
Herbert Samuel – Kosher Chef Restaurant at the Ritz-Carlton Herzliya
Herbert Samuel – Kosher Chef Restaurant at the Ritz-Carlton Herzliya 

Herbert Samuel is situated inside the elegant Ritz-Carlton. The décor includes the calm with shades of blue and white and a fancy lighted wine display!
Herbert Samuel - entrance

Herbert Samuel - day

Herbert Samuel - evening

Herbert Samuel - evening
The restaurant became famous from the days it was the kosher restaurant of Chef Yonatan Roshfeld and is now led by chef Mor Cohen who keeps the original spirit of the restaurant but renews and refreshes the menu each season. The restaurant has an open kitchen and you can see the chef in action, which is nice!
Herbert Samuel - open kitchen

Herbert Samuel - Chef Mor Cohen
A smiley waitress greeted us upon arrival, she attended us during dinner and was very efficient and knowledgeable about the menu and wines. The menu includes vegetables, fish, beef and lamb. Chef Mor Cohen told me about his struggle to obtain quality kosher ingredients and the efforts to achieve exact textures under the kosher limitations. I can give a little spoiler already and say that he does a good job at it, and I could feel the juiciness of the kosher meat and cream-like gnocchi texture.


After we ordered we were served artisan breads, plate of hot peppers, smoked eggplant Tahini, which were all good, the hot pepper was very spicy!
With dinner we drank Israeli wine.
Special Cuvee 2014 Trio Winery (NIS 68) – a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Petit Verdot and Merlot from the Galilee and Judean mountains, aged 12 months in oak barrels. A very rich and round wine that worked well with the beef we had!
Bread and dips
For a starter we ordered a small sized Tomato Salad “Herbert Samuel” (38/52). This is the famous salad of chef Roshfeld and it is simple and excellent! Many types of tomatoes – fresh and roasted, small radish, red onions, scallions, boiled egg crumbs and many fresh herbs such as basil, oregano, etc. Very yummy!
Herbert Samuel Tomato Salad


Before the main course, we ordered two small portions of pasta: gnocchi and cannelloni and they were delicious!
Potato Gnocchi – forest mushrooms, hazelnut and truffle butter, snow peas (48/88). A really good texture, creamy and the hazelnut very prominent (I did not feel the truffle much) and crunchy snow peas.

Beef Cannelloni – beef ragu, smoky tomato sauce, pan grattato (52/92). This pasta is so good! Fresh pasta, soft meat inside and balanced spicy sauce – delicious!

Main Course

Beef Chateau – 500 gr. Fillet of beef, marrow with garlic and parsley, ratte potatoes (NIS 360). Although the beef is kosher and soaked in salt during the process, it stayed juicy and was prepared medium to order. The potatoes were crunchy outside and soft inside and the bone marrow was huge and well seasoned! The sauce on the meet was tasty and had demi-glace sauce there was also mustard sauce. A really good dish that we enjoyed in each bite and hardly finished!


We ordered the chocolate bar for dessert, and the chef sent us also the “Har Bracha” dessert.
Valrhona chocolate bar – crunchy layer, chocolate creameux, Hazelnut ice cream & salted caramel (NIS 52). Rich and full of chocolate, we loved it! And the ice cream was wonderful, actually it tasted like espresso!

“Har Braha” – tahini sorbet, moist date cake, sesame tuille. This is a local-style dessert but nothing that I tasted before – not too sweet (which faded a bit compared to the chocolate dessert) and flavorsome.

In summary, the restaurant is pricey, but the food is delicious and the service impeccable! We enjoyed the atmosphere and the food greatly and I highly recommend it! If you can’t spend much on dinner, check the lunch deals, there are affordable offers in the menu.


Herbert Samuel, Ritz-Carlton Herzliya, Kosher
Disclosure: I was a guest of the restaurant

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