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Raisa Bar –Mediterranean Food&Drinks in the Flea Market

Raisa Bar is a happy flea market cheerful and colorful bar. It is a place to drink, enjoy the happy ambience and light, good drinks and refreshing Mediterranean food loaded with fresh herbs!
Raisa Bar –Mediterranean Food&Drinks in the Flea Market

Raisa is situated in the informal setting of the Jaffa Flea Market. This place puts you in vacation mode the moment you lay your foot here! Strolling around the calm alleys and roaming around the galleries is so much fun. Raisa fits well into it. It is a casual bar with cheerful façade. Many people sit outside here, facing the alley and looking at people passing by. The inside of the restaurant is a bit like a bar with brick walls and a lot of wood. It is very happy here at night, especially on Wednesdays’ jazz nights when they have a band playing here. We arrived for lunch, and sat outside enjoying the cool spring breeze and the sunny weather.

We started with drinks. They have a full alcohol menu with cocktails, wines and beers. The beers caught our eyes, they have a nice selection of Paulaner beers, which we tasted at least 3 of them, in addition to the alcoholic apple cider.

The food here is meant to be shared. Unlike conventional menus, the menu is divided into categories from the Land, Water and Meat, and each category includes a number of options some smaller and some larger, the prices vary from 20-96, which hints to the size of the plate. Overall, it is inexpensive. 
We picked a number of plates from the land to start with: eggplant, tomatoes, and pizza, and the chef sent us the bread.

Fired eggplant Carpaccio

A flattened roasted eggplant, dates honey, tahini, and pine nuts (NIS 42). It was full of flavors and included also small cubes of fresh tomatoes, red onion, a lot of parsley and a shiny red chili pepper.

Tomato Salad

Tomatoes, fresh and roasted, sliced on call, nuts mix, Tulum cheese (NIS 52) A rich salad with cherry tomato, plum yellow and green tiger tomatoes, toasted tomatoes, red onion, Kalamata olives, nuts and parsley. This salad looks so good that people stopped near our table and asked about it and it tastes as good as it looks!

Pizza Bianca

Pizza Bianca with artichoke, mozzarella, parmesan, basil and arugula leaves (NIS 56). We spent too much time taking photographs of the food that it wasn’t hot enough when we got to eat it. Still, it had thin crunchy dough and tasted great!


Sesame bread with zaatar with soft cheese, tahini, oregano, olives (NIS 18). This bread was served warm and is like the local bagels – hard to stop eating it!

Lamb cigar

While we were waiting for the “water” and “meat”, the chef sent us the lamb cigar to taste, even though we did not order it. It is Phyllo dough stuffed with braised lamb and chard (NIS 28). The dough is very crunchy and the filling has a strong lamb made Arab style with a generous amount of fresh chard. It was served with dips and was sheer pleasure!

Seared Fish Fillet

Seared fish fillet, with artichoke, garlic, spinach, roasted tomatoes, olives, capers, herbs and fish stock butter (NIS 72). This dish is a drawing! Served in a warm skillet, I couldn’t stop staring at it. I took the small portion because we had eaten a lot already so the full sized fish would be larger. The fish was crisp at the top and melted in my mouth. It was placed on many seared vegetables - cherry tomatoes, artichokes, and even slices of chili. While I loved the fish, the vegetables were a celebration in my mouth. The sauce was lemon flavored and it invited me to dip the bread in it! This plate is fantastic!

Butter Chicken Bagdad Style

Seared boneless chicken thighs on flat bread, yogurt, homemade pickles, arugula and mint (NIS 72). A slightly spicy dish, served on a flat pita with pesto on top of the chicken, a sexy red chili pepper, fried tomato and plenty of greens. My partner ate it and enjoyed it very much!

Crispy Bone Fire Potatoes

Crispy potatoes cooked and fried with smoked spicy aioli (NIS 26). We both agreed that this is a must order side! We could not stop nibbling it and the sauce was so yummy with it!

Homemade cheese cake

A classic cheese cake with chocolate topping, done exactly as should be, not too sweet (NIS 34)!

Chocolate mousse

A two layers light chocolate mousse with crunchy top and two tasty chocolate truffles – we loved it!

The food at Raisa is great for a light meal; the chef Uri Levy uses local ingredients and a lot of flavorful fresh herbs to bounce fresh food to a delight – “food that makes people happy” he says! And this is exactly how we felt at Raisa – happy!


Raisa, Tel Aviv flea market, Not kosher
Disclosure: I was a guest of the restaurant

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