Saturday, May 9, 2015

Quick Oats and Whole Wheat Cookies

These cookies are the healthy kind and also very tasty. They are filled with strawberry preserve or pink cheese cream and look beautiful when served. They can be changed easily to include new and different ingredients.

If you want to cut them in shapes, grind the oats. If you make plain round cookies, no need for that, also chop the nuts coarsely and you may add other nuts, cranberries, raisins, or any addition you like. The main ingredients are healthy – whole wheat, quick oats and regular oil.
and…make sure you’re alone in the kitchen when making them…or some may disappear….

The Ingredients

¼ cup of whole wheat (or half/half, or white)
¼ cup quick oats (grind for the shaped cookies) – you can use any flour – whole wheat or white if you don’t like oats.
¼ cup of oil minus one spoon (if you don’t put oats ¼ exactly)
¼ light brown sugar (or white sugar)
¼ cut walnuts (grind if you shape the cookies), can be omitted if you don’t have
1 egg
Filling 1 – strawberry preserves (remove big pieces of fruit)
Filling 2 – pink cheese cream
Mix cream cheese with strawberry preserves


Mix all the ingredients. Roll the dough and cut shapes.

Bake for 10 minutes in 180 c degrees. Leave to cool for a few moments.

Put the filling between every two cookies, make sure it is visible.

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