Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Run Free Spirit – A Running Bracelet

A beautiful running bracelet that will remind you that it is time to exercise or run, and encourage you while exercising. This line of stunning bracelets, with original inspiring text, is suitable for all types of exercise, including wet activities!
Run Free Spirit – A Running Bracelet

The jogging bracelet was designed by Neta Weizman, a jewelry designer who started jogging and was looking for something that will remind her to go out to run, and will inspire her and encourage her while running. She created the interesting an sportive bracelet for herself, and when her friends showed interest in it, she started offering it as part of her jewelry collection. The bracelet is suitable for runners, athletes, and is a wonderful idea for a present to girls!
The bracelets, that come in different designs and texts can be ordered with personalized text, they combine silicone, polyester, and silver, and come in different types and colors. They are lovely for the sportive woman and for girls/teens.
The colors are stunning, pink with light blue and white, purple, navy, black, and greens!
Here are some sample texts: You run Girl, Leave your Mark, Live your Passion, I Run my Life

The bracelet can be worn while in any activity and there’s no need to take it off while showering.

I got the bracelet as a gift in a sports event at the shop in which it is sold and I just love it, and so does my teen daughter!

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