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Jacobs Bread – Boutique Bakery and Café at Ramat Hasharon

Jacobs Bread is a French-style boutique bakery that also serves light dairy meals. The bakery belongs to the Vadash family who specialize in baking breads for 75 year. The residents of Ramat Hasharon kept this secret for a while, but now it is also available in Kiryat Ono.
Jacobs Bread – Boutique Bakery and Café at Ramat Hasharon
We arrived at Jacobs Bread on mid-day Tuesday. The bakery is hidden in the industrial area; there is plenty of parking space there.

As we entered the bakery we could smell the fresh pastries. We were puzzled from the variety of breads, pastries and delicacies.
We passed by the shop (we will return to it later), and sat in the small coffee shop area, located on the far end of the store.

The menu offers light meals including salads, pies, sandwiches, toasts, children meals and desserts. We started with fresh orange juice and ordered Shakshouka, and a tomato and goat cheese bruschettta.  After a few moments, two crispy side salads containing iceberg lettuce, thin slices of carrots and cherry tomatoes with a gentle vinaigrette sauce arrived with fresh bread, butter and homemade marmalade.
The Shakshouka was served in a mini skillet, it was very juicy and not spicy. The bread was so yummy (like the other breads we tasted here, which we also took home).

The bruschettta was made of toasted boutique bread and on top of it was tomato salsa (chunks of fried tomato) and Kalamata olives, slices of goat cheese and one egg with the sunny side up. It was served with herbs aioli, which was more like a homemade seasoned mayonnaise. It was so rich with flavors! The egg was made so accurately, cooked but still liquid at the center. Delicious!

For dessert, we had two éclairs – strawberry vanilla éclair and praline éclair. And my daughter asked for chocolate balls. It was a “wow”! Excellent dough and filling – creamy and light texture! The chocolate balls were a type of chocolate truffles rolled in crunch chocolate pearls.

We also had great coffee!
With a full stomach we could now explore the store. They make here artisan bread using traditional, handmade methods with long kneading and waiting. They use fabrics such as flax and imported baskets for it. They make bread from wheat, rye, spelt, and other special flours and add superfoods and healthy ingredients such as grains, flax, seeds, sesame, etc. the bread is made without preservatives and artificial ingredients. In addition to bread, they bake here buns, baguettes, plots, Focaccias, and many other types of bread.

The bakery makes many pastries including pies (which we took home and it was very tasty), brioche, cakes, cookies, croissants, tarts, éclairs, cream puffs, macaroons, and more. I felt here like in pastry wonderland!

They also carry here delicatessen such as homemade comfitures, granolas, and spreads.

In summary, Jacobs Bread is a heaven of breads, pastries and delicatessen!
You might want to be aware that the shop is not accessible since there are a few stairs in the entrance, yet with some help from the staff, baby strollers were able to enter the shop easily.


Jacobs Bread, Haroshet St 19, Ramat HaSharon, dairy but not formally kosher, they deliver.
Another branch is at 1 Refael Eitan, Kirkay Ono
Disclosure: I was a guest of the restaurant.
Facebook: Jacobs Bread

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