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Abrage – Mediterranean Bistro in Jaffa

Abrage is a non-kosher Mediterranean Bistro that specializes in seafood but serves salads, seafood, fish, and meat. It is located in a 100 years historical building adjacent to St. Peter’s church at Kedimim square. Abrage offers fine dining in romantic settings.
* It may be that the restaurant is no longer working, call before going
Abrage – Mediterranean Bistro in Jaffa

Abrage means Zodiac in Arabic. It expresses the location, Kedumim square where all the zodiac signs alleyways converge. Abrage is situated in a 100 years old building with stone walls and turquoise arched window frames.

The restaurant has both indoors and outdoors seating. Outside it is overlooking the historical center of Jaffa, and indoors it is very authentic. There is also a small terrace on the 2nd floor from where we could see the blue sea in the horizon.

The menu is very wide, yet it is centered on Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food. Their specialty is seafood and the fresh fish are bought each day at the port. There are also menus for groups and large parties. The prices are reasonable.


House Salads and bread

With any order of main course, complimentary bread, hummus, and salads are served. The salads are vegetable-based and very refreshing. The hummus was good, authentic, served with olive oil, paprika, and parsley garnish. We got four salad tapas: beet, cabbage, eggplant, and yellow pickles. The beet salad was cubes of cooked beet with gentle seasoning, great with any course! The cabbage and carrots was really yummy and refreshing with a scent of dill. The eggplant, oriental style with light tomato sauce was excellent! Very good start! This was served with the warm soft bread.

Baladi Eggplant (36)

Grilled Baladi eggplant with homemade tahini, served with bread. Good baba ganoush with tahini. Frankly, the eggplant salad served as part of the salad overcame its flavor so I think it might be better to pick a different starter if you get it, ask the waiter.

Hot Starters

Abrage specialize in fish and seafood. They bring fresh catch from the local fisherman wharf every morning. We had three courses between the starters and the mains – crispy calamari, seafood black linguine and creamed mushrooms.

Crispy Calamari (54)

Crispy coated Calamari rings served with Tzatziki. This plate is awesome! Wow! First, the size of it – large bowl with a huge pile of fried calamari – ideal to share! Secondly, it was so tasty! Crunchy and the dip was wonderful! A must-have plate here! Don’t miss it!

Seafood Black Linguine (78)

Shrimp, calamari and mussels, tossed in cream, cherry tomatoes and basil. This plate is  a main course and is marked in the menu as ==Chef selection!==. And it deserves it! If you like seafood you will die for it! The black pasta is freshly made quality pasta, and the sauce is creamy and very tasty. The presentation is beautiful, and the mussels, calamari and shrimps are so fresh, made well! They are almost odorless, which means that they are very fresh. This bowl is a reason to come here!

Creamed Mushrooms (55)

Mushrooms, cream and melting cheese that is served in a giant shell (the shell is heated, that keeps the cream hot). The mushrooms can be eaten as they are, and we tried to keep some of it to have with the meat. That was delicious! 

Fillet Mignon (140)

250g of prime beef filet from the Golan Heights, grilled and served with creamy pepper sauce. Three pieces of beef filet, which I had with a very good side oven-baked potatoes. The steak was soft and well prepared, although I prefer it medium (red inside) – it was tasty! The sauce was like gravy but lighter, with mushrooms and was a good fit with the meat. 

Abrage Mixed Grill (96)

A large plate with Lamb kebab, boneless chicken thigh, and aged entrecote skewers. My partner ordered it with salad (which was very fresh and mildly seasoned). The meat was very well prepared. The lamb kebab was strongly seasoned as expected, and the rest was moderately seasoned. The same sauce was served here, which went well with the entrecote. A very generous dish, great for those who like to have everything and can’t decide; there is another mix here, called Royal Mix Grill that also contains lamb chops and filet. A great ‘tasting’ plate!

Desserts and Drinks

Creme Catalana (38)

A rich french vanilla and cream custard, topped with crunchy caramel and berry sauce. This was very much like crème brûlée, but very thin and sweet.

Malabi (38)

A Jaffa dessert based on cream, with coconut, peanuts and red fruits sauce. I Great texture and not too sweet! I highly recommend it, especially after a big meal – so refreshing and tasty!


Abrage serves a wide variety of drinks, including freshly squeezed drinks and alcoholic beverages. We had good Tavor winery red wine and draft beer, soft drinks and a good espresso with dessert.
In summary, Abrage is a nice place to sit in, and the food is good, especially the seafood and local dishes!


Abrage, 6 Kedumim Square, Old Jaffa, Tel Aviv, 03-5244445
Not Kosher
Disclosure: I was a guest of the restaurant

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