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Spa Village Israel – Boutique Hotel with Natural Thermal Hot Springs

Spa Village at Hamat Gader is a unique spa boutique hotel – spacious rooms, natural thermo-mineral hot springs, Jacuzzi, sauna, spa, tranquil lawns and everything Hamat Gader offers (hot springs, animal shows, etc.) in a relaxing atmosphere!
There are a few natural resources in Israel, the dead sea is one of them. Many tourists are unaware that a few miles from the Sea of Galilee, there are natural mineral hot springs with medical qualities. The best time to visit Hamat Gader is in the winter, in which Spa Village is a perfect escape! Change to a swimsuit and a an immaculate white robe, enjoy the southing hot springs in the cool country fresh air, enjoy relaxing massage, enjoy a good book on the hammock with warm tea and eat well. Perfect!
Spa Village Israel – Boutique Hotel with Natural Thermal Hot Springs

Already upon arrival to Hamat Gader, you’ll be treated as VIP. Once you park, you’ll be taken to the hotel with an electric golf car. These car will be at your disposal when you’ll want to get around the Hamat Gader park, from the hotel to the animals park, to the archeological park, to the meat restaurant, etc.

Spa Village Hotel area is separate; entrance is only to the hotel guests. The guests get a bracelet that identifies them as hotel guests.

The Spa Village area is well designed as a pampering boutique hotel. Tranquil seating areas, hammock and a self-service coffee and tea area that works 24 hours a day. You can take out some energy at the little gym or play Pool (free for hotel guests). In the evening the lights outside are burning torches – very romantic!

We slept in a cabin – a family suite. A two story wooden house immersed in green.

The cabin is luxurious and well-equipped. It has two stories and two bathrooms. Wooden floor, comfortable bed, flat screen TV (and another one in the upstairs gallery) with audio system, espresso machine, mini bar loaded with free drinks (including wine), a safe-box, hair drying – everything you can possibly need.

and the gallery

The bathrooms are modern and clean, plenty of toiletries and towels, and of course – bathrobes, the “uniforms” here :-)

The balcony, overlooking the creek has a seating area for 4, and a Jacuzzi for 4, which can be filled with tap water or thermo mineral water (in the photograph, you’ll notice two piple on the right hand side). Imagine yourself sitting in this jacuzzi and enjoying the relaxing view! Fun!

The food at Spa Village restaurant is dairy; the dining room is buffet-style and the food is tasty with plenty of cakes and desserts!
Breakfast – in the morning you’ll find a variety of vegetables, salads, cheeses, dips, breads and a warm buffet of eggs, filled pastries. Also, fruit and cereal, jelly, and more, and warm drinks.
Dinner – in the evening there are plenty of antipasti and salads, dips and starters. A warm buffet with pasta, potato gratin, vegetables and a few options of fish (including salmon). The vegetarians and youth will find here also vegetarian corn patties. The desserts are a treat – cheesecakes, pies, truffles, chocolate cakes, cookies and more.

Spa and Hot Springs
The main reason for coming here is the spa and hot springs. You’ll pamper yourself here with a massage, thermo-mineral pools, Jacuzzi, sauna, rest and relaxation! Spa Village is small and intimate, the rooms are located around the pool so that access is easy to everything.

There are two pools here with a small waterfall to massage the neck (by standing underneath it). The pool here is very tranquil. During the winter, entry is for adults only.

The spa and massage rooms are located right off the pool (ps also the coffee and tea area and the dining room). The rooms are design with bricks and wood.  We enjoyed two massages in our package – Swedish massage and Aromatic massage.
The Swedish Massage – Vera treated me and after asking me for my preferences, she gave me a combination of techniques, including reflexology. She is very professional and each tough was ‘straight to the point’ relaxing stiff muscles in a very pleasant touch.
The Aromatic Massage – was done by Yelena. She used Grape Seed Oil, Orange blossom, Lavender and Lemongrass. They use Grape Seed oil here as the basis for the massage oil because it is lighter on the skin. Yelena was very professional as well, checked for preferences before the massage and combined a number of techniques. She recommends to use a homemade natural warm pillow for stiff muscles – put buckwheat in a cloth and stitch it. Just put it in the microwave and use it on the aching areas.

If you get to Spa Village for a daily package without spending the night here, you might want to know that there are public dressing rooms and showers that are very pleasant and clean, with lockers available.
Hamat Gader
In addition to all the services of Spa Village, Hamat Gader offers a lot of attractions, which are available for free to Spa Village guests. This includes the thermo-mineral pools complex of three pools and the waterfall area. Some pools are open-air, some covered, and some indoors. There are massage jets and the waterfalls (in the photograph below – bottom right), where you can sit and let the water massage your neck. The water here fall from a higher elevation on the shoulders and offer a perfect massage – this is my favorite spot here!

There is also a seasonal regular-water pool with a Splash water-slide. Nearby there is a tent-area where you can rent an air-conditioned tent during the summer. There are also play areas for children.

And if this is not enough, there’s a large animals area, including alligators, parrots, emeu, deer, and patting corners. During the summer you can watch the feeding of the alligators. There are also fish pools where you can enjoy fishing and pedal boats.
The parrot show is on twice daily, Kobi, the parrot man of Hamat Gader presents to us the parrots, and their tricks. He tells us that the parrots have the brains of a 4 year old child. The parrots build small puzzles, ride bikes, and wave to the audience.  It is a very cute show and the parrots are beautiful. Kobi tells us that they take part in the show only if they agree.

In summary, Spa Village is a perfect place for a winter retreat! A unique place in Israel of high standards, beautifully designed, luxurious, clean and tranquil for body and soul! I enjoyed it very much and will return…
If you want to see a movie of the Spa Village holiday, my daughter made this vlog on youtube but it is in Hebrew, you can enjoy the sights though.

  Information: Spa Village Hamat Gader, Israel
Disclosure: I was a guest of the place

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