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Captain Curry – Fast Indian Chef Restaurant in Tel Aviv

Captain Curry restaurant fast Indian food with a sophisticated twist – unique ingredients and rich seasoning. Chef Yonatan Roshfeld from the Israeli Master Chef shows that Indian food can also be extraordinary in his Tel Aviv based Captain Curry restaurants.
Captain Curry – Fast Indian Chef Restaurant in Tel Aviv

If you feel that Tel Aviv is a desert in terms of Indian restaurants you are probably right. In such a large city there are not many options to have good curry which is quite surprising considering that India is a very popular destination for Israeli backpackers of all ages.
Captain Curry is an upscale fast food restaurant. It might remind you of London except that you won't be served by Indians. Captain curry is a fast food chef restaurant of Chef Yonatan Roshfeld, one of the well known Israeli chefs who studied in France and became famous for his excellent food and is a judge in the local Master Chef program. He has another restaurant - a chef restaurant Jonathan Food Club.
In Captain Curry, Roshfeld takes Indian food and upgrades it by adding his interpretation. The food at Captain Curry is a sophisticated version of Indian food with creative combinations and fresh unique ingredients such as Elephant Ear Mushroom, whole Hibiscus flowers and dried spices such as dried lemon grass. Called after the story about “Captain Curry”, Han Kapoor, the son of a spices merchant who researched spices and became a well-known expert of Indian food.
When we got to Captain Curry on Dizengof 149 at mid-day we were welcomed by a powerful yellow and colorful décor. We settled on one of the bar stools looking around on the lively surroundings.

The menu here is small, but seems to include everything from vegetables, fish, poultry, beef and seafood. Serving is fast in biodegradable utensils. The food is well-seasoned although not too spicy (I am rather sensitive). I heard that one of the heavier expenses of the restaurant is on spices. The menu is organized by colors – green for vegetarian, blue for fish and seafood, and red for beef and chicken. Children meals are available.


Quinoa Salad with Cabbage and Mango dressing (vegan) – not an Indian plate but the Mango in the dressing gives it an Indian twist. Expect the richness of tastes – with mint and herbs. The salad is served in a small plastic bowl with a lid that makes it easy to add the dressing and shake for perfect mixing of the salad and the dressing.

Chicken Kofta – an extraordinary plate in the restaurant because it is not served with the sauce on top of it. It is chicken cutlets gently seasoned, coated and fried served over seasoned, slightly spicy, peanut sauce. It was so yummy that it was gone almost in seconds! A Hibiscus flower was served with the Kofta, it is edible, tasty and feels a bit like jelly candies.

Holy Cauliflower – fried cauliflower in spicy marinade. Tasty, but the spiciest plate in the menu – I did not deal with it well…

Other starters in the menu (that we did not try) are wings, pickles, and other salads.

Main Courses

All the main courses come in a bowl with rice, sauce and extras, the ‘main course’ itself (the chicken/beef/fish/etc.) and on top of it spicy red sauce and/or yoghurt. I tried many of them, they are all tasty. What did we like best?
I especially liked the vegan dish Mushroom Palak that contains Elephant Ear Mushroom that fits well with the spinach. It is very mild and velvety. My partner liked the Panir because of the texture of the cheese. I didn’t, I am not fond of cheese in Indian spices…well, no accounting for taste…
We also loved the Soft Chicken Tandoori and the Beef that were good, and the Sweet Potato Curry was nice. In the chicken course I strongly felt the yoghurt but the beef was not spicy at all (if you like it spicier – you’ll be glad to hear that it was served with a large chili pepper). The Sweet Potato paled near the chicken and the beef but it is a really good option for vegans!

I also had a Trout with tomatoes curry and coconut. It is a beautiful dish, the Trout is served in an oval bowl, gently rested on the curry. It was delicious.

The menu includes seafood plates that we did not try.

Dessert and Drinks

You’ll find here soft drinks and beer, but it is not interesting IMHO. Try the cold Chai that comes in two flavors, one cinnamon and the other turmeric. You’ll love it or hate it but won’t stay indifferent – try it and experience! The Mango Lassi was excellent with lemon grass crumbs – I loved it!

The only dessert that is offered here is a handmade Popsicle but there is nothing usual about it.  The flavors are made especially for Captain Curry: Lichee, Pistachio Malabi, Pineapple, Mango Lassi, Roasted Coconut, and Chai Masala. We tried the Lichee and Pistachio Malabi, they are very unusual. We had them on the way to the car and the combination of flavors makes it very interesting in the mouth and did not leave us indifferent.

The prices at Captain Curry are a little higher than fast food restaurants but are reasonable: salads 14 NIS, starters 32-34 NIS, Main courses 54-64 NIS, Popsicle 12 NIS. There are lunch offers.
The big fans of Indian food claim that Captain Curry is not authentic Indian. They have a point that some of the dishes take Indian food to the extreme and give it a twist, but the flavors are still Indian and together with Chef Roshfeld’s touch I think that the restaurant offers an experience within the Indian cuisine.
Don’t miss: Chicken Kofta
If you are looking for a good chef restaurant for dinner and have more budget, try Chef Yonatan Roshfeld’s other restaurant – Jonathan Food Club, you won’t be disappointed.
Captain Curry, Dizengof 149 and Sarona, Tel Aviv, not kosher

Disclosure: I was a guest of Captain Curry

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